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Supermajority is super bad idea

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This proposal, offered in an advertisement from Republican front runner Chris Christie, should disqualify him from being governor.

“I would ask the legislature to pass a constitutional amendment to be put on the ballot for the voters of New Jersey to require that any time taxes are going to be raised or new taxes imposed, that it require a 2/3 vote of both houses of the state legislature,” says Christie. “So it wouldn’t be easy for one party just to come in and raise taxes 103 times without any ability to restrict them.”

Time to move on from Abbott

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A state judge has ruled that Gov. Jon Corzine’s school funding reforms, which tie aid to students and not districts, are constitutional — a move that experts say could spell the end of special status for many of the state’s urban school districts.

Empty rhetoric from Christie on budget

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Chris Christie appears likely to become the Republican nominee for governor in June and, according to the most recent polls, possibly the state’s next governor.

If this is to occur, it appears that it will be based on three things: an inflated reputation as a corruption buster, Gov. Jon Corzine’s inability to connect with voters and convince them that hte pain he is peddling is necessary and the general disrepair in which we find our state government.

It certainly won’t be because he is offering legitimate alternatives. He isn’t.

Memo to NJ Democrats: Join this caucus

A Populist Caucus is forming in Congress, according to The Huffington Post.

Rep. Bruce Braley, an Iowa Democrat, will officially announce the formation of the caucus later this week, with 21 founding members — all Democrats. The initial purpose will be to influence legislation from within the Democratic caucus, but Braley did not rule out opening the group to Republicans.

A “mis”-ruling on campaign finance may kill clean elections in NJ

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Electoral reform a major hit last week — one that has reverberated here in New Jersey.

A federal judge in Arizona ruled Friday that a key provision of that state’s clean elections program was unconstitutional, leading New Jersey Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts to announce that plans to continue and expand the Garden State’s public-financing experiment would be put on hold until the 2011 legislative elections.

OLS may be wrong on clean elections

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law has reviewed the state Office on Legislative Services opinion on the most recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on campaign finance law and has found it lacking.

The opinion in Davis v. Federal Election Commission, as I write in my column today in the South Brunswick Post, is overly broad and fails to consider the differences between the New Jersey Clean Elections law and the program under court review.