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Events this Saturday

Linda Stender will have a table at the St. James Street Fair in Woodbridge this Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm.  Stop by and say hello to this outstanding Congressional candidate!

And from 5:30-8 Saturday evening, join Special Guest Senator Robert Menendez at the Democrats 2000 Fall Bowling Classic, Mid-State Lanes, Route 18 North, East Brunswick.

Admission is $40.00 for a night of bowling, politics, food and fun. NJ Stonewall Democrats and Blue Jersey are among those fielding teams; a complete list of teams is available at http://www.democrats….

Florio, Kean Senior, NJ Dems

I was so pleased when Jim Florio got a standing ovation at the Democratic State Conference in Atlantic City–recognition that was long overdue.

There’s a terrific piece in City Belt written by another Florio fan–you can find it at http://citybelt.type….  Some good comments about Kean Senior, too.

For my money, Jim Florio is one of the most honest and honorable people we’ve ever had in New Jersey politics.  As a Congressman, he was superb, and as Governor, he faced the facts and dealt with the problems–and he paid the price  (proof, if you need it, that no good deed goes unpunished).  He barely lost to Whitman in 1993, and look at the mess she got us into.

I wish we had more like him!


Olbermann uses the “I” word

If you don’t normally listen to Countdown on MSNBC, you should.  It’s on during the week at 8 pm and again at midnight.  Of course there’s a lot of fluff in the program–I guess that’s unavoidable.  But the anchor, Keith Olbermann, is doing a great job.  Kean Junior was interviewed recently and came off looking pretty silly.

Olbermann has really been telling it like it is, with sizzling “special commentaries” about the current administration’s behavior.  Monday, he actually used the “I” word (“I” as in “impeachable” offense).

You can read that commentary on his blog, at http://www.msnbc.msn…

And while you’re there, read his earlier special commentaries, too.  He has been giving Dubya the business, and I’m glad to see that MSNBC seems to be supporting his right to speak out.  In a time when the so called “liberal media” is in fact dominated by right-wing nuts or pretty faces, it’s great to have someone with balls on the tube.  (All this is probably on youtube, by the way.)  This guy makes sense!  (And he has a sense of humor, too.)

Definitely worth the effort to watch–or read, if you don’t have cable. 

Something good at the DSC Conference

Carol Gay, the Democratic candidate running against Chris Smith in CD4, was a big hit wherever she went at the Democratic State Conference–no surprise for those who know her!

She was enthusiastically acknowledged from the podium and vigorously applauded by the crowd every time the  Congressional candidates running against incumbent Repugs were recognized.  Phone banks are going, coordinated with the Menendez campaign–contact Carol’s website ( to volunteer. 

Carol was great at the Progressive Caucus and at the LGBTI caucus and picked up lots of support; she went to the Women’s Caucus, and probably got great support there too–after all, Smith is one of the most ardent anti-choice members of Congress.  Garden State Equality threatens to do a “Gays for Gay” event–I can’t wait!

Carol is amazing!  Everywhere she went she impressed people–she is really the energizer bunny, and I think that even if she doesn’t win, she will probably do better against Chris Smith than any previous candidate.

Attention bowlers:  There’s a special event on Saturday–Bowl-A-Thon with Democrats 2000. TEAM CAROL GAY FOR CONGRESS needs volunteers to join the team.  If you are available and interested in bowling on Team Carol Gay for Congress, please respond to

Event Details:  Saturday, September 16, 5:30pm,
Mid State Lanes, Route 18 N, East Brunswick.


And some day soon she’ll be on the Colbert Report–watch for the announcement!

Lies, lies, lies!

Dubya: Saddam & Al Quaida conspired to attack us.
Cheney: Saddam trained Al Quaida terrorists.
Whitman: Downtown NYC’s air is safe (9/18/01).
Kean Sr.: The ABC/Disney 9/11 film is based on the 9/11 commission report.
Junior: I’m a moderate Republican.


Wow! What a rally!

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s 1300 nurses are on strike–and on Labor Day, it seemed as if all 1300 were marching in front of the hospital’s entrance on Somerset Street in New Brunswick.  The evening featured a 6:30 rally featuring a wide variety of labor leaders as well as Senator Menendez, who declared his support for working people and for the strikers. Of course, “Junior” Kean was nowhere to be found.

And a personal confession: as a member of the Solidarity Singers, I was persuaded to lead the crowd in singing “Solidarity Forever,” the anthem of the American labor movement–they enthusiastically joined in on the chorus.  When 1300 people sing like that, it’s overwhelming!

As dusk approached, candles were lit and the strikers marched on both sides of the street–the resulting illumination was awesome.  Later on, as the nurses stood chanting, they spontaneously took up the chorus of the labor anthem.  The unity of purpose and commitment is fantastic–visit the picket line if you can; you, too, will be impressed.

Support workers on Labor Day!

Celebrate Labor Day by supporting labor!  1300 nurses and health professionals are on strike at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick.  There’s a candlelight vigil/picket line/rally this evening outside the hospital on Somerset Street off Easton Avenue.  Senator Menendez will be there at 6:30 for a press conference; the rally starts at 7:30.

Help a good candidate–act now!

Carol Gay is the Democratic Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th District, running against the Republican incumbent Chris Smith.  If you are reading this, you probably already know Carol from her lifetime of activism on behalf of Peace and Justice.  Among other things, Carol is a retired International Representative of the Communications Workers of America, the Executive Vice President of the New Jersey Industrial Union Council, a leader of US Labor Against War and a founding member of the Solidarity Singers. 

Electing Carol to Congress will immeasurably improve the prospects of the causes and the principals that we all share and that Carol has always fought for.  But the only way that can happen is if we all help.