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They’ve started on Linda

The Repugs have started attacking Linda Stender already–with a double-barrelled shotgun fully loaded with bullshit.  Here’s the piece, from politickernj:…

And Kate Whitman has joined in–you remember Christie Junior, who says she’s “more conservative” than her mother.

And Linda has turned the blast right back on them, with support from Congressman Albio Sires.  

Clearly, the Repugs are scared.  They ought to be!  

Clinton Town Hall Monday

Hillary Rodham Clinton will hold a “National Town Hall” Monday evening from 9 to 10:30 pm.  Originating in New York, it will be simulcast in cities throughout the 22 states voting on Tuesday; it will also be broadcast live on Hallmark TV from 9 to 10 pm.  The entire meeting will be carried on

In NJ, the event will be anchored by Congressman Rob Andrews in the Enterprise Center at Burlington County College; doors open at 7:30 pm.  Those wanting to attend can RSVP online at or call NJ Clinton HQ at 609-695-0600.  One person from each state will get to ask a question; the questions will be chosen by the moderators.

Clinton Town Meeting Monday

Hillary Clinton will hold a “National Town Hall” Monday from 9 to 10:30 pm. Originating in New York, it will be simulcast in live venues in all 22 states voting. It will be shown on Hallmark TV from 9 to 10 pm and will also be carried live online. Congressman Rob Andrews will host the NJ event in the Enterprise Center at Burlington County College; doors open at 7:30 pm; RSVP online at

Congratulations, Juan!

According to PolitickerNJ, Kristen Materek is the winner of the Jersey Joe Pennacchio Steak Dinner Challenge.   “Ask the average person who Ensign and McConnell are” Pennachio said.  “If you get one person out of a thousand who knows who they are who’s not an insider, I’ll buy you a steak dinner.”

I guess this means “our Juan” is really “an insider.”  Score one for Blue Jersey!

Assembly vote scheduled on death penalty

The bill has been posted for Thursday and the Assembly session is scheduled to start at 1 pm.

Jay, no doubt I’ll see you there, even though the weather forecast is crummy. 

BTW, people–Assemblyman Jon Bramnick of Westfield voted against the bill in committee yesterday and will doubtless vote against it Thursday.  He spent the committee hearing showing off his lawyerly cross-examination skills and deep thinking.

Death Penalty votes next week!

Senate President Richard Codey has announced that the full Senate will vote on S-171, the death penalty abolition bill, this coming Monday, December 10 at 2PM.

That is the same day that the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee will hear the Assembly version of the bill.  That committee hearing starts at 10AM.

The final vote should be in the Assembly at their session on Thursday, December 13.  We’ll post the time when we know.

Let’s make sure we’re at the State House next Monday and Thursday to watch New Jersey make history!

Death Penalty

The State Legislature is preparing to act on the bill to abolish the death penalty and substitute a sentence of life without parole.  Joe and I have strongly supported this legislation for a variety of reasons–both moral and practical.  The number of people exonerated by DNA evidence grows every day, and here in Plainfield we are acutely aware of the recent exoneration and release of Byron Halsey, who fortunately did not receive a death sentence but who spent two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has already approved release of the bill, but it was referred to the Senate Budget Committee for analysis and action.  That group will have a hearing and vote on Monday, December 3, so it’s important to reach out to the Committee’s key members now.  The bill is S-171.  Here is some contact information:

Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny:  201-653-1466 (
Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance: 908-788-6900 (

Monday’s meeting is at 1 pm in Committee Room 4 of the State House Annex.  If you can attend, it’s suggested that you plan to arrive before 12:30 so you can get a seat–and please let our friends at New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty know you’re coming (609-278-6719 or email  (There’s a lot of good information on their website:

We expect that the appropriate Assembly Committee will take up the bill soon and release it for a full Assembly vote, and we hope the bill will be released by the Senate Budget Committee for a full Senate vote before the end of this legislative session.

Editorial opinion in NJ papers and the NY Times supports us. Here’s today’s editorial from the Philadelphia Inquirer:…

Wouldn’t abolishing the death penalty in NJ be a wonderful way to end 2007!!

Republican entitlement program

Wow!  What a headline on PolitikerNJ:

“As ex-Governor’s daughter, Whitman seeks no special treatment”  (http://politickernj….)

Let’s see:  Kate Whitman wants to run for Congress to succeed Mike Ferguson.  Surely, it’s only a coincidence that she uses her maiden name in her political life.

Junior Kean didn’t seek any “special treatment,” either.  Right.  There’s nothing like having a former governor as a parent (or a former president, either, now that I think of it) to start your political career off right. 

And for those who claim she should get the seat to “increase the number of NJ women in Congress,” I suppose we have to let them know that Linda Stender is a NJ woman, so we’ve got one already.  And a good one, too–savvy, experienced, and progressive–of course, they may not have noticed.

Somebody ought to tell Kate that a well-known family name is no substitute for the right stuff.

We won the poll!

The Courier News (Bridgewater) has been running a cyber poll.  The results are in–and we won.

Here’s the question:
Which nation’s policies do you believe represent the biggest threat to our homeland security?

954 people responded. Here’s how the answers broke down:

Iran:  35.3 per cent
North Korea:  9.5 percent
Our own government:  55.1 per cent

The Courier News’ readership is mostly in Somerset and Hunterdon counties–a lot of which are in the 7th CD–and mostly Republican and non-affiliated.  Watch out, soon-to-be former Congressman Ferguson!

We won the poll!

954 people responded to the Courier News cyber poll.  Here are the results:

Which nation’s policies do you believe represent the biggest threat to our homeland security?

Iran: 35.3 percent
North Korea: 9.5 percent
Our own government:  55.1 percent

Keep in mind that the Courier News’ readership is largely in Somerset and Hunterdon counties, and much of that area is in the 7th CD.  Bad news for Ferguson!