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Leave town for a few years and everything falls apart

Our old friend DBK! Frontpager here at the homeblog before his unfortunate relocation to not-Jersey. Promoted by Rosi.

I haven’t been following NJ politics since I left town for this frozen hellhole in the Midwest, but an article on one site caught my eye today, so I read it, then followed up to see what else I could learn about it and, lo and behold, the whole state has gone meshuggah.

Christie and Worker Benefits

A friend, a state employee, sent the following to me with a request that I post it here on  I am afraid I have been negligent about it and hope it is still timely.  Personal matters have kept me from being as involved in blogging as I would like.


Last week, the Star-Ledger carried a story about Governor Christie and the legislature agreeing that benefits for state workers must be cut, further promising a plan will be in place by the end of June. Workers have come to expect Republicans to invalidate collective bargaining rights, strip negotiated benefits and to privatize pension plans. The Republicans have found a collaborator in Senate President Stephen Sweeney, whose plan, described at the URL below, is nearly impossible to figure out, but it plainly shifts catastrophic costs to workers. Despite what you have heard, state workers are not overpaid. Many haven’t seen salary increases in years and a drastic increase in benefits costs will push especially low-income state employees into cheaper cross-your-fingers insurance plans that cover very little. This will endanger not just individuals but entire communities.

The humiliation…

This isn’t about politics; this is about New Jersey.  I just watched one of the episodes of The States, a documentary that discusses the role and renown of each of the United States and is akin to the fine documentary named The Presidents.  This episode was about my former home, the state in which I was born and where I resided for the first fifty years of my life:  New Jersey.  I’m still reeling from the humiliation.

Corzine would have won if he had listened to me

Jon Corzine would have won last night if he had listened to me.  Four years ago, when the world was young and Jon Corzine was running for office I wrote an open letter to his web log in which I urged him to announce his intention of, upon becoming governor, initiating an Energy Race in the state of New Jersey along the lines of John Kennedy’s Space Race.

NJ’s Republicans Want Me?

I moved out of New Jersey a year and a half ago.  Being one of those responsible types, I sent in my little blue card that informed my local elections board that I was no longer a New Jersey voter and registered to vote here in my new home of Minnesota.

A couple of months ago I received a letter in the mail asking me if I was still a resident of New Jersey.  I responded with the enclosed envelope and response sheet, saying no, I am not a New Jersey resident anymore and I already sent in the form that said so.  I was a little annoyed at what I viewed as a typical civic foul-up, but upon consideration, I decided that this might have been an attempt to verify the card I sent in rather than take my original mail as gospel.

Health care reform: Contact Menendez

Bob Menendez is a member of the Senate Finance Committee.  Right now the Senate Finance Committee is holding meetings on health care reform.  The public option is on the table (a public health insurance plan to compete with private insurance companies).  The problem is that many members of the Senate Finance Committee are bought and paid for by the insurance lobby, and the insurance lobby doesn’t want the competition.  Consequently, they are trying to kill the public option any way they can.  We need to contact members of the Senate Finance Committee (that’s B-o-b M-e-n-e-n-d-e-z) and tell them we want a public option and no “trigger plan”.

And so begin the shortages

Friends, we live in dire times.  When I moved from the Garden State to Minnesota last spring, it was with high hopes, despite my natural cynicism.  I knew the United States was in a bad way, and that New Jersey was having an especially hard time, but I’d hoped Mrs DBK and I could find a haven, a place where we could escape some measure of the hard times I thought might be coming down the pike.  But the troubles are here, my former fellow New Jerseyans, and they are troublesome indeed.

Women Set to Take Legal Beating

State Superior Court Judge Francis B. Schultz of Hudson County has ruled that it is too easy for women to get a restraining order in New Jersey.  The judge offered no opinion on whether or not it is too easy for New Jersey’s women to be beaten and murdered.  There’s a good write-up on this ruling at 1010 WINS’s web site.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

I wrote a long diary about why I was leaving and how expensive New Jersey is and so on, but I deleted that.  I’ll try to keep this short, but I don’t think I’ll be able to.

Mrs DBK and I are moving to Minnesota in a month, the reason being a job promotion and relocation.