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Joining The Gina Genovese Campaign

I am excited to announce that I will be Gina Genovese’s campaign manager in her race for the 21st District State Senate against Tom Kean Junior.  While some may consider Gina an underdog, there are a variety of reasons why she has a serious chance of winning the seat.

First, Gina is an extemely hard worker.  At age 24 she started her own business, Gina’s Tennis World in Berkeley Heights.  It’s gutsy doing that sort of thing at 24, but Gina knew if she worked long and hard she could make it successful.

She decided several years ago to run for local office in Long Hill, traditionally a very Republican and conservative town.  Through hard work and perserverence, she won the election by 10 votes.  She was subsequently chosen by her colleagues both Republicans and Democrats to serve as the first Democrat to become Mayor of Long Hill Township.  She also made history as the first openly gay mayor in the history of New Jersey.

Now, she is seeking the State Senate seat currently held by Tom Kean Junior.  She is everything that Tom Kean Junior is not.  He inherited the seat, she’ll earn it.  He was appointed, she’ll be elected.  She started her own business and made it successful, while he has been around politics for decades.  Furthermore, Gina comes across as the type of natural leader that people are looking for to solve their everyday problems like high property taxes and traffic congestion.

Tom Kean Junior’s status was seriously diminished by his negative campaign against Bob Menendez last fall.  Not only did the state realize that Kean Junior was just another vote for Bush, they came to realize how seriously unqualified Tom Kean Junior was to hold elected office.

The 21st District is changing, and while still Republican, Democrats have taken over many of the local offices in the district in places like Summit, Millburn, Madison, Long Hill, Chatham Township, and others.  Gina Genovese winning her State Senate seat is the logical next step.  Please join her campaign at and be a part of electing a fantastic Senator to represent the 21st District.

Chip Robinson
Campaign Manager, Gina Genovese for State Senate