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Tom Wyka endorsed by NJEA!

Democrat Tom Wyka, running in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District against Rodney Frelinghuysen, has been endorsed by the NJEA according to several sources.  The NJEA has never before endorsed a Democratic challenger in this district.  

The endorsement speaks volumes about Tom’s committment to public education and lifelong learning.  The endorsement will also mean the NJEA will do outreach to all 11th district teachers on behalf of Wyka.  The NJEA typically mails and phone banks all its members on behalf of its endorsed candidates.

Wyka wins Morris Democrats Convention

    Morris County Democrats convened this evening for the purpose of selecting a Democratic candidate for Congress, to endorse to run against Rodney Frelinghuysen.  The three candidates, Harry Hager of Chester Township, Ellen Greenberg of Mendham Township and Tom Wyka of Parsippany, gave 10 minute speeches in front of the approximately 150 Morris County Democratic Committee members present.    Following the speeches, a brief question and answer session was held.  

   The Morris County Democratic Committee then voted in a voting booth for who they wished to endorse in the coming primary.  The results were as follows:

  Tom Wyka, 111 votes

  Ellen Greenberg, 35 votes

  Harry Hager, 3 votes

This means that Tom Wyka will be the official endorsed MCDC candidate in the upcoming primary.   Wyka had already won the endorsements of the Essex County Democratic Committee and the Somerset County Democratic Committee.  He now will be in the first column in parts of the 11th district representing where 95% of the Democratic primary voters live.

Tom Wyka for Congress Kickoff Tomorrow!

Join us on Saturday January 26th (tomorrow), at 3pm, at the VFW Hall at 45 Tabor Road (Route 53) in Morris Plains as we kick off the 2008 campaign for Tom Wyka for Congress!

Tom Wyka ran for congress two years ago, running a grassoots progressive campaign that people in the 11th district had never seen before.  He captured nearly 38% of the vote, and only spent about 25K on the race.  Tom’s off and running again, this time starting earlier.   He will continue to challenge Rodney Frelinghuysen’s support for the endless war in Iraq, as well as Rodney’s support for the big corporations that fund his campaigns instead of the people of the 11th district.  Please join us tomorrow!   More info can be found at

Why is Obama Praising Reagan???

I’m just curious.  Reagan was one of the worst Presidents in the history of our nation.

1.  He was the most anti-union President in our recent history (with the exception of the current one)

2.  He destroyed environmental laws and put corporate cronies in charge of environmental regulation

3.  He turned the chasm between Rich and Poor into a grand canyon

4.  He nearly started WW3 with the Soviet Union

Edwards, again, got it correct, and called Reagan what he was:  A bad President.    

If Obama wants to lure Progressive NJ votes away from Edwards,this is NOT the way to do it!

Morris County Elections Report

Here is a summary of the election results from Morris County:

The Freeholder election in Morris (32,000 to 52,000), and the legislative elections in Districts 21, 24, 25, and 26 continue to be solidly GOP.  We are still some distance away from being able to take Legislative seats in this part of the state.  Dana Wefer got the closest but was still about 6,000 or so short of the right-wing Carroll/Merkt cabal.  That said, the party is continuing to make progress at the local level:

1.  Democrat Ron Goldberg is holding a 34 vote lead over GOP opponent Dan Caffrey for Morris Twp Committee.  If the provisionals and absentee recount hold up, Ron will be the 2nd Democrat this year to win in Morris Township following Jeff Grayzels win in May.

2.  Democrats in Morris Plains, had their first win in many years as Jason Karr was able to secure a seat on the council.

3.  Democrat and progressive activist Nelson Vaughan, won a landslide victory for Mayor of Chatham Boro.  An independant ally of Vaughan won a seat on the Boro Council, giving Vaughan a working council majority (2 Dems are on council).

4.  Democrats swept the Mayor and Council seats in East Hanover, thus retaking control of the council in the process.

5.  A Mine Hill Council seat and a Chatham Twp Committee seat were lost, largely as the result of 2 party switches from a divided local party. 

6.  Democrats lost two seats on the Morristown council, largely the result of people disenchanted with 2 local personalities on the council.  They still hold a 5-2 Majority, and one of the two seats lost was to a progressive independant.  A seat was also lost in Victory Gardens due to similar circumstances.

Overall, the party is continuing to build on local wins, but still has a distance to go to start picking up legislative seats in the county. 

A message from the Gina Genovese for Senate campaign

  On behalf of Gina, we want to thank everyone who helped us and provided support in our race against Tom Kean Junior in the 21st District.  In what ended up being a very Republican year in the 21st District (only 4 Dems running for local office won in the 21st), we were proud of the campaign that we ran.  We stayed positive while being buried by hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative attacks, and kept the soon to be minority leader occupied in his own district.
  We were proud to run a campaign focused on stem cell research, property tax reform, environmental action and equality for all New Jerseyans.  We hope that those inspired to work for Gina in the 21st work in 2008 to help out Linda Stender, Tom Wyka, Senator Frank Lautenberg and others who share our progressive values.
Chip Robinson
Campaign Manager, Gina Genovese for NJ Senate

I still believe in Gina Genovese

To quote that old saying:  Reports of our death have been greatly exagerated. continues to insist that our campaign has no chance in hell to win. Tom Kean Junior is too well known.  The district is too Republican.  Thats fine.  We rather like it that way. 

I come from Morris County.  In our county, Democrats aren’t expected to win anything outside of Dover or Morristown.  For years i would work on our campaigns in Morris Township and people would tell me our efforts were fruitless, that we would never elect a Democrat in Morris Township etc. People would tell me they were the only Democrat on their block, and then i would walk right next door and find more Democrats that their neighbors had never talked to.  On May 1st, we changed all that by electing our first Democrat in 35 years.  Many elder Democrats in our town came up to me and thought they would never see a Democrat elected in our town.

Now, with some saying that Gina has no chance, has no money, Kean Junior is too well liked, the district is too Republican, its like DeJavu all over again.  I know the numbers of this district, and i know Gina has a great shot to win this thing.  I know how the district is fed up with Bush, and people like Tom Kean Junior who vote to deny stem cell funding and minimum wage increases.  I know how the district is fiscally conservative and would support a successful businesswoman like Gina.  I know how they are fed up with corruption and want someone who is a committed reformer and who supports public funding of elections, not someone who ran a nasty smear campaign against Menendez. 

  I also know what hard work can do towards winning a campaign.  If you want it more, even if you are outnumbered, you can take it  We’ve proved that in such Morris County towns as Morris Township, Chatham Boro, Madison and others. 

  I still believe in Gina and I hope you do too!  Please visit our website at or call 908-464-3057 and sign up to volunteer! 

Chip Robinson
Campaign Manager, Gina Genovese for NJ Senate

Morris Township Special Election

Today a judge in Morris County ordered a Special Election for the contested seat on the Morris Township Committee in Morris Township NJ.  The Democrats have not won a seat in Morris Township, my hometown, in 35 years (Since Watergate)  A win here would be a serious blow to the Morris County GOP which has run Morris Township like a fiefdom for decades. 
  Democrat Jeff Grayzel, who is the Democratic candidate in the special election is a committed progressive, community organizer and activist.  He first ran for Morris Township committee 4 years ago, on opposition to a major development that would destroy a pristine part of the Township near his house.  He is committed to having Morris Township join the cool cities campaign and stopping overdevelopment here.  He has been running for 4 years straight, and has increased his numbers every year. 
  We are seriously outnumbered in Morris Township 5,500 Rs to only 2,500 Ds but 7,000 Us.  We need all the help we can get.  Stay tuned in the coming days for how you can help us.  The election will likely be on April 24th.

Chip Robinson, Morris County Dems and Morris area PDA/DFA


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