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University of Virginia Masters in English. Have lived in Argentina, Panama, Delaware, Virginia, California, NYC, and New Jersey for the last 25 years. Former editor and manager at McGraw-Hill, former President of Gay Activist Alliance of NJ, founder of NJ ActUp, and North Jersey Community Research Initiative (NJCRI) in Newark.

Cannabis and a Doggy Story 

Lulu my lovable but aging pet who is blind and deaf is now suffering increasingly from arthritis. She has difficulty standing up, slips, and stumbles. She already receives glucosamine and chondroitin, an over-the-counter supplement which helps, but not enough. A…
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NYC Pride March with faggots everywhere

Revelers in glittering, rainbow-hued garb danced and sang in NYC streets on Sunday during the annual Pride March. This year’s theme was “Defiantly Different.” One man there who was decidedly defiant was Robert DeVito, the Palisades Park police officer who said he was…
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“Have you no sense of decency sir?” 

“impatient, overly aggressive, overly dramatic, acting on impulse, neglecting to do important homework, and making challengeable statements.” The title of this article and the above quote are from Roy Cohn Joseph Welch regarding Joseph McCarthy, an American megalomaniac in the 1950’s….
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A Raucous Teaneck Council Meeting 

Teaneck’s Tuesday evening public council meeting started at 8:00 and extended beyond 11:30 with debate over its budget, farewell statements on its departing members, attendees expressing enmity toward its quick-to-anger Mayor, an accusation of slander against another member, and some…
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