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Report: Justice Department preparing to charge Menendez

The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts.

People briefed on the case say Attorney General Eric Holder has signed off on prosecutors’ request to proceed with charges, CNN has learned exclusively. An announcement could come within weeks. Prosecutors are under pressure in part because of the statute of limitation on some of the allegations.

. . . .

The government’s case centers on Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist who the senator has called a friend and political supporter. Melgen and his family have been generous donors to the senator and various committees the senator is associated with.…

Booker joins Menendez, disses Obama

Here’s how Netanyahu’s strategies are playing at Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily paper. It isn’t pretty. On the other issue – Booker is the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus in the U.S. Senate, many CBC members will boycott the speech, charging disrespect on the President. President Obama, when he was in Congress, was a CBC member. I’d be interested if our readers have strong opinions on this. – promoted by Rosi

Joining New Jersey’s other “Democratic” senator, Neocon Bob Menendez, Cory Booker has announced that he will attend Benjamin Netanyahu’s effort to undermine President Obama and help himself get re-elected through a speech to congress on March 3.  Even though a large portion of the Congressional Black Caucus, and two Jewish senators, Brian Schatz and Bernie Sanders, along with several Jewish members of the House, have announced that they will not attend the speech, Booker has decided to side with the Republicans and the hard right leader of a foreign country against a president from his own party.  Not all that surprising given that Booker is buddies with the virulent anti-Palestinian, Shmuley Boteach.  But disappointing nonetheless.

Read it: JewishLink of New Jersey.

Report: Fishman targeting Samson. Second grand jury empaneled

Two sources with intimate knowledge of the case say Fishman’s pace is quickening — he has empaneled a second grand jury, and the U.S. Justice Department has sent assistant prosecutors and FBI agents to work the case.  

. . . .

Fishman’s challenge is to nail down specific criminal charges on several fronts — the diversion of Port Authority money to fund New Jersey road and bridge projects; the four-day rush-hour closures of George Washington Bridge lanes in Ft. Lee; and a web of real-estate deals spun by David Samson, long a Christie crony, when he chaired the PA’s Board of Commissioners as Christie’s appointee. . . .

the question that truly matters is whether Fishman’s pursuit leads to the governor himself. Christie’s Port appointees — not only Samson, but former PA Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni and his oddball sidekick David Wildstein — all face near-certain indictment and are being pressed to hand up Christie, as is the governor’s former chief counsel, Charlie McKenna.…

Christie gives his staff big raises while stiffing regular state employees

Nearly all of the state employees responsible for helping Governor Christie craft and promote his image – from his press secretary to the staff that set up his town hall-style events and put video clips of his appearances online – got raises that averaged 23 percent in the last two months.

. . . .

And the raises to the governor’s staff appear to have happened around the same time Christie vetoed the minutes of the commission that oversees the Pinelands after its members it voted to increase the budget for its staff by 5 percent. Christie castigated the commissioners and said the decision was a “conscious disregard of the fiscal realities.”

The administration had declined a request by The Record for the salary information through the state’s Open Public Records Act, but provided the data after the paper sued.

Christie’s office did not immediately respond Thursday to requests for comment about the salary data.

Stack says he would endorse Christie for president…

Says he doesn’t believe Zimmer’s clains.…

Yet this piece of crap continues to sit in the Democratic caucus.

The pathetic Senate Democratic “leadership” does nothing.

The election is over.  The Democrats did not lose any seats.  There’s no “control” reason not to kick him out of the caucus.

When will the pathetic Senate Democratic “leadership” actually lead?

Kick him out!

Thank you Senator Buono

For running a campaign with class and dignity.  Even as you were being betrayed by the Christiecrat bosses north and south.

For sticking to a progressive agenda.  Which bore fruit with the 61-39 win on the minimum wage vote.

For taking on what you must have known would be a no win assignment after the media swooning over Christie simply because he stood besides Obama on an inspection tour.  

You are a far better person than the DiVincenzos, Stacks, Norcorsses, Adubatos, and the other traitors who either officially, or unofficially, supported Christie.  And who sought to undermine your campaign with attacks like the party chair brouhaha.  And you are 100% the Democrat they are.

Your courage and dignity will not be forgotten by true Democrats.  And their betrayal will be long remembered.

Largest margins of victory in New Jersey gubernatorial elections

Before the media swoon at Christie’s victory tomorrow, a little perspective.

New Jersey gubernatorial elections the last 50 years have tended to be either very close, 1961, 1981, 1993, 1997, and 2009 (to a lesser extent), or double digits, 1965, 1969, 1973, 1977, 1985, 1989, 2001, 2005 (to a lesser extent).  So blow outs are not unusual.

The largest margins in percent were:

1985  40.26  Kean over Shapiro

1973  34.27  Byrne over Sandman

1989  24.02  Florio over Courter

1969  21.17  Cahill over Meyner

Think tomorrow will fall between 1969 and 1989.

Breaking: Judge Jacobson rules in favor of gay marriage

A New Jersey judge has ruled that the state must allow same-sex couples to marry.

In a summary judgment issued Friday, Judge Mary Jacobson says now that the federal government recognizes gay marriages, not doing so in New Jersey would violate the state constitution.

It’s not immediately clear when marriages could begin or whether the state government will appeal to a higher-level state court.…

Here’s the opinion: