Burlington County is Blue

The Burlington County Freeholder Board had long been a bastion of Republican control – until the Blue Wave slowly set in. After four decades of Republican domination of the five-member board, it slowly changed from red to blue. Starting in 2012, with the election of Aimee Belgard (now a Superior Court Judge) and Joanne Schwartz (now Burlington County Clerk), a minority tinge of blue started to turn the board around. Yesterday, the transformation was complete, with the installation of newly elected Democrat Linda Hynes, and the re-installation of Dan O’Connell to complete the term vacated by a resignation, the Board is 5-0 Democratic. And the icing on the cake was Governor Murphy’s swearing-in of Democrat Tony Basantis as Sheriff.

On Monday night, with Congressman Andy Kim in attendance, the Governor and other dignitaries swore in the newly elected and appointed officials. Now the Democrats must show they can govern effectively and efficiently. If the performance of County Clerk Joanne Schwartz in her first year in office is any indication, the newly elected Board will do just fine.

Move the slider in the video below to view the various aspects of Monday night’s event.

00:08 Pledge of Allegiance

00:22 Invocation – Rev. Cory Jones, Tabernacle Baptist Church

01:15 National Anthem – Gabriella Pizzigoni – Burlington Township High School

03:05 Comments by Governor Phil Murphy

06:33 Swearing in of Sheriff Anthony Basantis by Governor Murphy

07:34 Swearing in of Freeholder Linda Hynes by Senator Troy Singleton

08:29 Swearing in of Freeholder Dan O’Connell by Councilman Thomas Lyon

09:34 Election of Freeholder Director

10:20 Swearing in of Freeholder Director Felicia Hopson by Senator Singleton

11:21 Election of Freeholder Deputy Director

11:57 Swearing in of Deputy Director Tom Pullion by Governor Murphy

13:15 Comments by Senator Troy Singleton

14:39 Swearing in of Undersheriff Jim Kostoplis by Senator Singleton

15:38 Comments by Freeholder Director Felicia Hopson

26:02 Comments by Freeholder Linda Hynes

31:17 Comments by Freeholder Dan O’Connell

39:12 Comments by Freeholder Balvir Singh

42:08 Comments by Freeholder Deputy Director Tom Pullion

48:40 Benediction – Rev. Cory Jones, Tabernacle Baptist Church

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