Congressman Kim Forum on H.R. 3

This morning, Congressman Andy Kim met with several patients and health care advocates to discuss the need to enact H.R. 3, the Elijah E Cujmings Lower Drug Costs Now Act.

The bill, which recently passed in the House, now goes to the Senate. It would allow the Medicare program to negotiate for lower drug costs and cap the out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare Part D users. Since many drug prices are tied to Medicare rates, if passed the bill would lower drug costs for all Americans.

It will be a difficult task to get the bill through the Senate, whose GOP majority is mostly in the pocket of Big Pharma. Kim spoke about these challenges and listened to heartbreaking stories about the current cost of medication, people rationing their drugs at the risk of their health, and stories of bankruptcy that are all too common because people can’t afford the inflated profits being reaped by drug companies.

The video below includes the Congressman’s remarks as well as real-life experiences of patients and comments from health care advocates.

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