The film festival heralds activism and change, words we hold dear at Blue Teaneck – a new Democratic progressive Facebook group for residents. Now in its 14th anniversary thousands of people hold the festival dear. It has been hailed as one of the leading social justice film festivals in the nation. Teaneck’s and New Jersey’s great activist Senator Loretta Weinberg will be on a panel. The season runs November 14 -17. Here is how you can purchase tickets which includes calling 201.203.1723.

Executive Director Jeremy Lentz says TIFF is responsible for making untouchable topics part of everyday conversation by addressing racism, oppression, voting rights, the environment, the LGBTQ community, women’s concerns, immigration — stories of the little guy whose story is not often heard. With the theme, Activism: Making Change, the festival is an excellent starting point for fostering appreciation of differences, understanding all that we share, and encouraging efforts to help make the world a better place.

Senator Weinberg will be appearing on the panel discussion for Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy Blache. The panel will also feature Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster, the filmmaker Pamela Green and Tom Meyer – Executive Director of The Barrymore Film Center.  Over the span of her career, Alice Guy-Blache produced or directed 1,000 films, including 150 with synchronized sound during the ‘silent’ era. Her work includes  groundbreaking subject matter such as child abuse, immigration, Planned Parenthood, and female empowerment. She also etched a place in history by making the earliest known surviving narrative film with an all-black cast.

The 2019 film roster is here where you can also click to view or download 2019 film schedule.

Scott Fallon in today’s North Jersey Record writes, members of the Ramapough Lenape tribe in Upper Ringwood were optimistic when Gov. Phil Murphy was elected two years ago, because he spoke passionately about bringing environmental justice to lower-income and minority communities, which often endure a disproportionate amount of pollution.

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