Mark Schwartz: Teaneck Council Member & NYC Landlord

Mark Schwartz is a member of Teaneck’s township Council and Planning Board. He is a strong force behind the accelerated development of multifamily apartments in the township. In 2016, a Bergen Dispatch article stated, he had “earned a living for over a decade as one of NYC’s more notorious landlords.” As he is so active in Teaneck development, let’s examine his current stewardship of NYC apartments.

Let’s look at his apartment on 417 West 150th Street. The owner is 417 West Ave Associates, LLC, 459 Columbus Ave., NYC, which is listed in Schwartz’s financial disclosure statements from 2012 to 2019. Further digging indicates that 417 West Ave Associates, LLC also has an address at 55 Watermill Lane, Great Neck, NY – an address where Schwartz and his spouse have interests in 4 other LLCs.

Schwartz is one of only two shareholders. It’s an old building with 10 units. It currently has 65 open code violations with 290 in total. See photos below. 

Open code violations include unsafe electrical wiring, repair around steam pipe, provide hot water at all hot water fixtures in an entire apartment, accumulation of refuse and/or rubbish (see photo below), water leak at ceiling, infestation of mice, visible mold, defective caulking around bathtub area, cleanse to the satisfaction of this department all stairs and hallways at all stories, abate the infestation of roaches, and many more violations. The Department of Housing received nine tenant complaints during October.

As with other buildings in which Schwartz has a financial interest, the facility is managed by Gilman Management Corp.which also is at 55 Watermill Lane. Google reviews are hardly dispositive, but do give an inkling into what people think. Google reports a 2.1 stars rating for this organization. Six out of seven reviews are negative, including: “Horrible experience and will never rent from one of their properties again,” “Have never had a more frustrating experience with a management company,” “For over half of my lease we haven’t had gas,” ‘Bad company. I always pay my rent on time and I don’t get what I need,” and more. The one favorable review in Spanish is “Good experience.”

Property owners are required to obtain a bedbug infestation history from tenants or a dwelling unit owner for the reporting period of November 2017 through November 2018. There are no filings for this building.

According to the NYC Department of Finance its 2019/2020 property tax is $16,699. Its Market Value is $1,321,600 (reduced by $330,000 from prior year.) Tax statements that used to go to Gilman Management Corp. in Great Neck, are now sent to the renamed GMC IRIS LLC. INC at 459 Columbus Ave. NYC.

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