With shame not pride Teaneck Council raises the LGBTQ+ flag

About 100 days after Pride Month, The Teaneck Council held a flag-raising event on Sunday. The brief, sparsely attended event took place at the inconvenient luncheon time in Votee Park’s Sports-Plex entrance. It is visible to the public driving by for maybe 4 seconds rather than on the Township Green where advocates believe it belongs. With three flag poles there it was placed second on the smallest pole underneath the NJ State flag. Resident Barbara Blumberg said, “It’s a start.”

What advocates seek

Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin and Larry Bauer, President of the Teaneck Chamber of Commerce gave the two speeches. Councilman James Dunleavey spoke a few words and raised the flag. Councilman Keith Kaplan was also in attendance. A prominent person asked Councilman Dunleavy if he  could speak and was told “No.”

Council members have the bully pulpit and planned the event. Below is what people with a different point of view have been saying.

  • “We were told there will be ‘no major ceremony’ as they have to adhere to a tight schedule with soccer coming into the sports-plex.” 
  • “Council member are being dismissive and making it a very low key event. They dragged their feet, then labeled it expressive and not commemorative, then they scheduled raising the flag at game time to move everyone off the field.  Do they think we don’t understand what is happening?”
  • Attending this disgusting sham of an event gives it the appearance of our stamp of approval.”
  • “The rainbow flag-raising tradition… is an opportunity for municipal governments to raise the flag in their communities’ most public, viewable spaces – sending signal of those governments’ welcoming embrace of LGBTQ people.”
  • “This is an embarrassment to the community.”
  • “This is the humiliating hit on the LGBTQ community and harkens back to rabbi Pruzansky’s letter. Dunleavey has allowed himself to be used in a despicable manner.”
  • “To do nothing, or to do little – when something has been promised – is insulting and discriminatory.”
  • “To quote Volumnia from Shakespeare’s CORIOLANUS, ‘I am hushed until our city be afire. And then I’ll speak a little.’”
  • “Sunday’s flag raising is a sacrifice of LGBTQ respect and self-respect.”
  • “The Council planned a 15 minute “ceremony” with no reach out to the people who spoke so passionately on behalf of the flag.”
  • “I do intend to go to the Council meeting on Monday night to speak during Good and Welfare.”
  • “This sets a bad precedent and sends a message to other towns that they can do the same.”
  • “It is pretty obvious that the town has not advertised this anywhere And apparently the flag raising is scheduled for three days from now.”
  • “Where is the so called newly formed ‘Pride Advisory Committee?’”
  • “At present two memorials, Enslaved Africans and Holocaust are planned for the Municipal Green. Two spaces ( 35×35 Ft.) remain available for two more memorials in remembrance of past human rights atrocities. Shall we request and claim one of those sites as an LGBTQ Memorial? The memorial entity is called “The Garden to Nurture Human Understanding.” Who better belongs there?”


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