What Kinda Democrat Are You Anyway? Huh?

Progressive? Neo-liberal? Reagan? Neo-classical? Moderate? Conservative? DINO?

Whatever kind of Democrat you fancy yourself as under this big tent of a political party, there’s a category for you.

And in 2020, maybe there will be a column for you, too.

We talk about party unity, which is really important, but I don’t see a whole lot changing to unite the party considering the establishment keeps the lefties at bay (and often responds punitively toward party affiliates who think and act more independently). The left, for its part, seems less and less interested in being part of party tradition.

So, in the spirit of party diversity, which Democrat are you? This is going to be important in 2020 and possibly 2021 if there’s a gubernatorial primary. New Jersey Democratic leadership (without the consultation of this county committee member and party rank-and-file) came out the gate early to give wind behind Sen. Cory Booker’s presidential bid. That means if he’s still in the running next June, he’d presumably secure the official party line.

But what about the others? There is no indication that Sanders would bow out this time nor would his supporters allow that. Warren seems to have a growing coalition around her. The Yang Gang has coalesced around universal basic income and have little to lose. Biden be Biden.

If all or some of them make it to the June primary, will they organize columns from Senate on down? This could be the party reckoning we’ve anticipated, where we can truly distinguish ourselves from the field. For example, if I were running for local office, I might not want Vice President Biden at the top of my ticket, but maybe I’d identify with another candidate.

It’s a little exciting. What are your thoughts? Will the party winnow down the field or will we have a real presidential primary with real down-ballot candidates?

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