Port Authority Midtown Bus Terminal Hearings Continue in NYC

The Gothamist provides an update: Well over 100 residents of New York and New Jersey gathered at a Midtown hotel Thursday evening to hear the Port Authority’s plans to replace the Port Authority Midtown Bus Terminal. Many of them were worried that the agency is going to screw it up. 

The 69-year-old terminal is universally regarded as a pit of despair, famously derided by John Oliver as “The single worst place on Planet Earth.” The Port Authority is currently considering three plans to replace the terminal, at a cost of up to $10 billion.

One audience member commented that bus service reliability is not addressed by the current proposals, and that the Port Authority has not factored the Lincoln Tunnel choke point into any of its plans.  At least a couple of speakers said the terminal should be moved to New Jersey.

Photo: A lovely November day in the Port Authority Bus Terminal/ SHUTTERSTOCK

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