What are your thoughts on Cory Booker?

Democrat Cory Booker, raised in Harrington Park, first came to the attention of people in New Jersey and soon the USA as a member of the Newark’s Municipal Council and then its Mayor from 2006 to 2013. He is currently running for re-election to his Senate seat and as a presidential candidate.

In the 2014 senatorial election he did well defeating Republican Jeff Bell with his 1,043,866 win over Bell’s 791,297 votes.

Nationally he is not faring so well. In today’s Real Clear Politics average of the five most recent polls he is number eight at 1.6% in comparison with the leader Joe Biden’s 28.6%. Nonetheless, he met the qualifications to be in the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate in Detroit on July 30 and 31. 

Booker announced his presidential campaign in February 2019, with a video We Will Rise, saying “We are better when we help each other.” He often has adopted an idealistic, optimistic and evangelical tone with strong support for the rights of blacks, women, and LGBT people.

Most recently he has taken on a sharper tone. In a tweet yesterday Caitlin Huey-Burns said she asked Booker about whether Biden’s ‘94 crime bill was disqualifying: Booker said, Biden was “the architect of mass incarceration.” Biden stepped up the feud saying the claim was false and that Booker had a spotty criminal justice record as the Newark mayor.

In New Jersey we know him well.

What are your thoughts on Cory Booker?

Photo below when Bergen County Dems back Booker for Senate in the 2013 Special Election which he wins to fill the vacancy resulting from the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

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  1. SeamusNJ

    In my heart, I feel Cory could be a transformational candidate, much like a Bobby Kennedy was in 1968. Plus, who has a better Twitter contrast to Trump than the Mayor digging out a snowed in citizen? Unfortunately, in the era of Trump it doesn’t seem to sell. Without a moment soon, we may have to be satisfied that he is OUR Senator.

    1. Ron L.

      Cory Booker is a bottom tier candidate. There is a top 4–Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Harris. Then a middle 2–Buttigieg and O’Rourke. The bottom tier are all of the rest. Booker is barely polling 2% and struggled to get into the next 2 debates with the higher qualifying criteria. He is not fundraising at the level that the top candidates are. In the last quarter, he raised less than half that Harris did and less than a quarter that Buttigieg raised. He’s now spending more than he is raising. In 2020 he will be on Capitol Hill and not in the White House. Hopefully it will be a Democrat in the Oval Office.


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