What kind of Democrats do we want to be?

Caroline Wong lives in Cherry Hill. Promoted by Rosi.

Today’s mail brought a three page flyer from Jim Beach, Chair of the Camden County Democratic Committee. The headline:  


The entire content focuses on negative and personal comments about individuals. Comments that do not tell us anything about a person’s ability to participate in the democratic process, qualifications, level of expertise or experience.

In particular the flyer highlights negative comments about Sue Altman, a progressive democrat, education activist and one of the most committed individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.

Before I go further let me say that I am a lifelong Democrat. I have voted in every presidential election since I was eligible to vote except for one – when I mistimed my travel while working in a refugee camp in the Philippines. I am a registered Democrat because the STATED values of the Democratic party are most closely aligned with mine. However, I am wedded to my values but not to a party or an individual party representative. I am deeply disappointed in politics in general and in the local Democratic leadership in particular. For this reason I am a progressive activist.

We need to encourage, not discourage, people from participating. We need to stop the manipulation and back room politics and heal our community.

I am appalled at both the tone and the content of the flyer. If we learned nothing from the last presidential election and the subsequent years, we should have learned that bullying and hate rhetoric do nothing but inflame and spread hate. Please do not make this the norm.

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