The Coalition to Unite Teaneck: “We need change now”

It’s not all about national, state, and county politics. In New Jersey like elsewhere we live in unincorporated areas, boroughs, towns and cities. These are places where politics directly affect our daily lives. 

The Coalition to Unite Teaneck met Sunday afternoon to increase voter participation through engagement and identification of candidates who demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. In the last council election of May 2018, with over 41,000 residents the four individuals who won received a meager 3,191 to 4,480 votes. Likewise the vote count for the Board of Education was also disappointing.

Shahanaz Arjumand spoke out forcefully, “We need change now.” A member of the Teaneck Board of Education and of the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee, Victoria Fisher, talked about developing a progressive group of activist residents to become more involved in local policies and to help those who seek to be candidates.

Also in attendance was councilwoman Gervonn Rice encouraging these activities, and the ubiquitous and awesome State Senator Loretta Weinberg who has long urged reforms in Teaneck and Bergen County politics.

Councilman Dr. Henry Pruitt has been seeking an independent analysis of the impacts of the nine or so residential development projects recently completed, underway, or in the planning stage. Speaking to a group of individuals, he expressed concern over the anticipated increase of some 2,000 residents in the already crowded northeast section. He said, “We need an immediate traffic study of people movement [cars, pedestrians, buses] in that area. Just one concern expressed by residents there is the safety of children walking to the six schools nearby. 

The East Votee Neighborhood Association will be holding a Community Meeting from 7:30 to 9:00 PM at the Bahá’Ï Center, 126 Evergreen Place, on various topics including concerns about development in the Northeast and the lack of an impact analysis.

On May 29 The Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee will be holding

TEANECK INTO THE 2020’s: A Development Forum 

It will include panelists with diverse views on Teaneck’s development and take questions from the audience.

Teaneck: A diverse community

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  1. Steve Savitz

    Just to be clear, the meeting on May 1 is our regularly scheduled spring East Votee Neighborhood Assn member meeting. We will be discussing development in the NE as well as regular business meeting topics.


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