Asm. Zwicker on Science and Government

Featured image: Assemblyman Zwicker speaking at the 2017 New Jersey March for Science in Trenton.

Following yesterday’s interview on ranked choice voting, I asked Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker for an update on the state of science and government in the State of New Jersey.

Last November, Dr. Zwicker was instrumental in forming the Eagleton Institute’s Science and Politics Initiative where Ph.D scientists would be placed within various state government organizations to provide expertise.

In this short video, Dr. Zwicker gives us an update on the program, which will start this summer. He also talks about the state of scientific and technical education at the graduate and elementary levels within the state.

In an era when one political party eschews scientific fact, it’s critical to the economic and physical well-being of Americans that we have more folks like Dr. Zwicker promoting the infusion of rational behavior in governmental decisions.

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