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I’m a huge proponent of training, with a strong preference for really intensive, long-form training like those offered by Camp Wellstone, PCCC, or Democracy for America – which like the NJ Working Families training a couple weeks ago – focus on readying progressive candidates.

But there’s some good training coming up – at a couple different price points – still to consider; Ready to Run (bi-partisan, women-focused, diversity inclusion-focused) and the free trainings offered jointly by NJDSC & National Democratic Training Committee, which is training Dems for free all over the country. The Assembly’s at the top of the ticket this year. And most of the non-incumbent candidates who will do well are already launched and making the rounds talking platform – like Sunday afternoon at Our Revolution Essex, which heard from LD-26 candidates Christine Clarke & Laura Berman Fortgang and LD-29’s Awais Qazi. But local campaigns are still starting up, and being planned for next cycle. Get as much training as you can. Use what makes best sense to you. Set your own direction.

March 15 & 16 – Ready to Run Campaign Training for Women
Douglass Student Center, Rutgers University (NB campus)
Registration fee – $195 (includes meals)
About (from my point of view): The drawback for me is this training is bi-partisan; you’re learning next to, and from people you don’t share ideology with. I’ve known candidates in this training who held off asking questions or sharing ideas that as a matter of strategy they wouldn’t want Republicans to hear. That said, the advantage of Ready to Run is huge: Its host is CAWP – the Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers). Nobody has done more to encourage women to step up take their power in elective politics, including study of what works best when women run, and how politics changes when we succeed. There are women for whom – especially since 2016 – that is meaningful and inspiring. And this training – I’ve done it – is enormously supportive. That includes Ready to Run’s ‘prequel’ – half-day sessions on Friday specially focused on helping African-American, Latina, and Asian American women succeed. Additional advantages? Two tracks; one for women ready to launch now, another for women looking down the road at running. And the session leaders? Very New Jersey, including the Friday plenary with LG Sheila Oliver. Your trainers know the landscape; in many cases, they are the landscape you’re running in.
More Info/Agenda/Speakers/RSVP

And here are the free trainings – in several locations – co-hosted by NJDSC:

JUST ADDED – Campaign Training in Burlington County
Location TBA
RSVP for this training

March 23 – Campaign Training in Morris County
County College of Morris County (214 Center Grove Rd, Randolph)
RSVP for this training

March 24 – Campaign Training in Bergen County
Bergen County Community College (400 Paramus Rd, Paramus)
RSVP for this training

April 13 – Campaign Training in Ocean County
Location TBA
RSVP for this training

Develop and implement field plans
Fundraise and follow compliance regulations
Lead through high-stakes situations
Craft campaign messaging (and stick to it)
Work with allies and vendors
Engage volunteers and supporters

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