Uncle Joe Biden, You kidding me with this?

From The Hill, breaking news a Biden 2020 announce is imminent:

“I’m giving it a shot,” Biden said matter-of-factly during a phone call with a House Democratic lawmaker within the past week — a conversation the congressman recounted to The Hill and interpreted as a sure sign that Biden will run in 2020.

And to chants calling him to get in, Biden said yesterday:

“Be careful what you wish for.”

I’m giving it a shot? … Be careful what you wish for? …ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHITE?

Look, I’m about 2019 – in the 16th we’re defending Dems Zwicker & Freiman. And I’m all about reforming New Jersey’s unethical, top-down systems of election and governing. But I’m from the #WalkAndChewGumSameTime school. And 2020 is here. We are in it. And if you want my vote, you better come at me with more than this puling ‘Because I’m next’ reason for your run. We didn’t get enough of that in 2016?

Show me somebody with a thoughtful & consistent vision for the country that’s just, ethical and resonates. I want to know you’re burning to do it. How you’re going to do it. And show me you’ve got the chops to get yourself elected. Don’t waste my time if you can’t come up with a good reason for running.

I’m open to 5 candidates right now. I jump late. Candidates get time to develop and it’s still early. But 49 years into elective office? With 8 years “a heartbeat-away”? You’d better be about something more compelling than this, and fast Uncle Joe. The gold standard for me – substance, vision, drive, ability to organize – is Bernie Sanders.

Show me what you’ve got that’s better. Or don’t bother.

Photo: Nati Harnik/AP

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