The Record’s important 5-part series on NJ charter schools

The Record Newspaper, online as, this weekend began an important, exhaustive five part series: “Millions of your tax dollars have disappeared into NJ’s flawed charter school experiment.” 

Part One: “School buildings that are paid for with millions of dollars in public money but owned by private groups. Inflated rents, high interest rates and unexplained costs borne by taxpayers. And tax dollars used to pay rents that far exceed the debt on some school buildings.”

Parts 2-4

  • “New Jersey kept sending tax money to troubled charter school and its building projects”
  • “How a federal program was exploited to pay for privately owned charter school buildings”
  • “How investors and developers use properties to cash in on NJ charter school growth”

Matt Friedman hails the series saying, “The Record is out with a monster, multi-part series about charter schools in New Jersey.”

preview photo: North Star Academy in Newark. Credit: Kevin Wexler

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