Students on Strike!

Tomorrow in NJ, and around the world, student-led initiatives that you can join & support – all to spotlight the #climatecrisis that this generation feels most deeply. Let’s get their backs! Author Ananya Singh is 16 and one of the organizers. Photo: Climate Crisis leader Greta Thunberg of Sweden, also 16. Promoted by Rosi.

In New Jersey, we are organizing rallies in Morristown, Princeton, and Ramapo and there are also students organizing smaller actions at their schools in solidarity. These rallies have been entirely led by a team of high school and college students, with the support of adult allies.

On Friday, March 15th, students from all over the world are striking from school, skipping their classes, and heading out to the streets to rally and demand strong climate action from our world leaders and elected officials. As students, young people (including me!) are always told to focus on our education first to prepare for a better future. However, we know that a future of climate-caused destruction is in store, if we don’t take transformative action now. We are tired of hearing empty words from our leaders, and seeing so much inaction, and not being taken seriously.

We are sharing our personal stories of how climate change affects our lives, and sharing our demands for our elected officials. We are asking Governor Murphy to stop approving fossil fuel infrastructure. We are asking our congressional representatives to take bold action and support a Green New Deal, ensuring an equitable transition for disproportionately impacted communities. We are asking for all decisions made by the government be based in scientific research, including the 2018 IPCC report. The full national platform can be found here.

These climate strikes were sparked by Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish climate activist who began a weekly strike under the name of Fridays for The Future. She began by sitting outside the Swedish parliament by herself, holding her sign. Since then, the tactic has spread across the world, and it is picking up momentum fast with this coordinated global day of striking.

Support students right here in New Jersey, and stand up for the future world our generation will inherit! We are asking people to strike all day, and if striking is not possible, wear green to show your solidarity, and post on social media to amplify our demands! This is not the end of youth climate action in NJ, and I’m confident you’ll hear more from us!

Around the world, Youth Climate Strikes tomorrow, Friday March 15:

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  1. Sally G

    I would like to go to the Mahwah/Ramapo College event, but will be at a BCCLS advocacy-organizing meeting from 10 to 12. May head to Morristown instead, as it starts later. (Ramapo at 11, Morristown at 12).


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