Republican Election Shenanigans

There is no disputing the fact that Republicans are afraid of the electorate. They know that if elections were fair and open, their chances of victory are significantly diminished.

It’s not only their quest to make registration and voting more difficult across the country, but they have perfected other methods to ensure that the playing field is uneven. Just ask Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams. Or President Al Gore.

And New Jersey is no exception to dirty tricks. Even when the outcome is virtually certain as it was in the 2013 gubernatorial election, the GOP could not help but diddle with the process. Then, it was not a case of suppression – it was more of a case of ego.

At great expense, Republican Governor Chris Christie called for a special election three weeks prior to the November general election to fill the seat of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. He simply did not want Cory Booker’s name to be above his on the ballot.

And these shenanigans extend down to the local level, too. Mount Laurel Township in Burlington County has had a Republican-controlled board since forever. But in 2018, two young Democrats surprised everyone by winning seats on the five-member board. If another Democrat wins in 2020, the Democrats will take control.

But the local Republicans have a problem. At the top of that November, 2020 ticket will be Donald Trump. They’re smart enough to realize that being on the same ticket as a criminal sexual predator friend of Vladimir is probably not a good idea.

What was a good idea to them was to decouple their election from the national one. They are proposing separating the municipal election from the traditional Election Day and holding a separate election at some other time. With crumbling township-maintained roads (among other things), the last thing Mount Laurel residents need is the expense of a separate election.

Featured photo: Mount Laurel’s Democratic Council Members Kareem Pritchett (L) and Stephen Steglik

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