Our Revolution NJ Chapters Support the Green New Deal

Anna-Marta Visky is Vice-Chair, Our Revolution Monmouth. This is a joint statement from all of Our Revolution New Jersey. Promoted by Rosi.

Statement from Our Revolution

We stand in solidarity with students participating in today’s global climate strike. We need bold action on climate change.

Our Revolution NJ chapters enthusiastically support The Green New Deal Resolution, recently put forward by Senator Ed Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Green New Deal is a holistic set of policy goals and investments that blend environmental, economic and societal strategies in ways that are both effective and equitable. It is a plan that creates millions of green jobs to mitigate the dire threats of climate change. These jobs would address critical infrastructure challenges, pay well and provide healthcare, in a more fair and sustainable economy. Many Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders and NJ’s Cory Booker, have endorsed the Green New Deal. We urge Congress to support the Resolution and to work together to develop the detailed legislation that will provide the transformational changes necessary to move the US towards a more secure, sustainable and healthy future.

Our Revolution – Monmouth
Our Revolution – Essex
Our Revolution – Ocean
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Our Revolution New Jersey

Our Revolution New Jersey chapters are building local grassroots political power by organizing the community around progressive policies and candidates.

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