News Roundup – Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Featured photo: NJ Advance Media

Today: Governor Murphy delivers his budget address. Once again, public sector unions are a big part of the cuts to balance the books.

SCOTUS Kicks NJ Church/State Separation Law Down the Road. The court’s radical conservatives refuse to reverse a NJ Supreme Court ruling that prohibits using taxpayer money to repair religious institutions. It appears they are waiting for a more clear-cut case to reverse that decision.

Marijuana Black Market Thrives. While the legislature moves at a snail’s pace on legalization, the black market for weed is thriving.

Hey, Bergen County Police Union: Your apology rings hollow. Instead of saying “we apologize to anyone offended”, you should say “we apologize for doing something incredibly stupid.”

One of New Jersey’s best media outlets falls victim to media consolidation. NJ Spotlight is now owned by an out-of-state entity.

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