How our representatives have voted so far

The current session of the House of Representatives is just beginning. However, after nearly three months you may be surprised at the almost near unanimity in the voting record among our New Jersey delegation. Our freshmen representatives who won in previously Republican districts may diverge in the future on certain bills, but they have not done so yet. Neither has Josh Gottheimer (CD 5) who occasionally differs from his Democratic colleagues. Even our lone Republican has voted in sync with Democrats on most bills.

There were some differences in the January 3 vote for Speaker of the House. Two Democratic NJ representatives, Mikkie Sherrill (CD 11) and Jeff Van Drew (CD 2), voted against the winner Nancy Pelosi. 

After 24 votes in the House  there has been identical voting from all NJ representatives except for the lone Republican Chis Smith (CD 4) who voted NO five times. It should be noted that ten of the votes were on resolutions.

  • CD 01 Donald Norcross: YES on all.
  • CD 02 Jeff Van Drew: YES on all.
  • CD 03 Andy Kim: YES on all.
  • CD 04 Republican Chris Smith: NO on 3/8: For the People Act; 2/26  against Trump’s national emergency; 2/13: Removal of Amed services from Yemen; 1/9: Financial Services & General Government appropriations; and 1/3: Making appropriations for fiscal year ending Sep 30 2019.
  • CD 05 Josh Gottheimer: YES on all. 
  • CD 06 Frank Pallone: YES on all.
  • CD 07 Tom Malinowski: YES on all. 
  • CD 08 Albio Sires: YES on all.
  • CD 09 Bill Pascrell: YES on all. 
  • CD 10 Donald Payne: YES on all except he did not vote on any bills between Jan. 11 and Jan. 30. 
  • CD 11 Mikkie Sherrill: YES on all. 
  • CD 12 Bonnie Watson Coleman: YES on all.

It’s safe to say that the votes so far have not been difficult for Democrats. There will be tougher votes in the future where our representatives will have differences of opinion. It will also be interesting to see how many bills passed by the House are also passed by the Senate and signed by the President into law.  President Trump issued his first veto following an attempt by Congress to block his national emergency declaration. 

The large number of newly elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018

The voting data are found here.

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