Cory Booker: A Couple Photos from this Weekend

On Showtime this week, comedy duo Desus & Mero busted on Cory Booker’s sartorial choice on the campaign trail; formless red vest, loose pants and footwear looking for all the world like bedroom slippers. Goofy smile. Booker looked like a “too-cheery Walmart greeter,” says Desus Nice, with comedy partner ‘The Kid’ Mero. They go on, Cory’s fresh-outta-rehab looks, imagining an elastic comfort-waist on those Aladdin pantaloons. VIDEO below!

Busting on Cory.

It was funny; I won’t lie. But we know the guy, and he’s our guy, our senator. Tbqh, I don’t think he’s going to be my top 2020 choice, but he’s constant topic of conversation in my household – the bad (Wall Street, pro school vouchers, helping Mark Zuckerberg waste $100 million bucks) and the better (joining Medicare for All, testifying against Jeff Sessions, prison reform).

But because he’s ours, I wanted to make sure you saw this photo (hat/tip Modia Butler) of Cory, Hillary Clinton, and Jesse Jackson this weekend as they joined the recreation of the ‘Bloody Sunday’ march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. I was happy to see Hillary join. This is where I want her; a private citizen doing good. Cory’s fellow 2020 candidates Sherrod Brown & Bernie Sanders were also in Selma Sunday. But ya know Bernie had to leave early to meet about 13,000 close friends in Chicago Sunday night. #NotMeUS

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