Congressman Kim introduces the Alice Paul Act

Photo: Alice Paul

While other freshman Congress members are taking advantage of the 24-hour news cycle as talking heads on television, Congressman Andy Kim is taking a different approach. On the heels of his introduction of a bill to promote affordable health care through state exchanges, today Kim introduced a bill to protect access to the voting booth. The bill is appropriately named in honor of Mount Laurel’s suffragette, Alice Paul. Paul was the driving force behind the Equal Rights Amendment.

The bill, introduced today, prohibits harassment of people registering to vote as well as those who are assisting them. It also encourages states to establish best practices to ensure these rights.

Alice Paul was born in Mount Laurel in 1885 and her home now houses the Alice Paul Institute, a center for education about women’s suffrage. Remarking about his bill, Congressman Kim noted

“Thanks to Alice Paul, New Jersey has a strong history of leadership in expanding and protecting the right to vote. “It’s up to us to honor that legacy and make sure that every American has a chance to exercise their right to vote. The first step towards exercising that right is registering. By ensuring that citizens can register unimpeded, we can truly strengthen our democracy and make sure every voice is heard.”

If you want to learn more about Alice Paul, Lucy Beard, the Executive Director of the Alice Paul Institute, will be giving a presentation on Tuesday, March 19 at the Institute – 128 Hooten Road in Mount Laurel. The event is sponsored by the Mount Laurel Democratic Club.

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  1. Pam Gray

    As a constituent, who volunteered and canvassed for our freshman Congressman Kim, I could not be more proud of his actions and votes so far. He is a man of honor and dignity and compassion, who is a credit to the state of New Jersey.He’s there to get the job done for the folks at home and across this already great country.Thank you Congressman Kim.

  2. Peter Damato

    I also gave money and worked really hard to elect Andy. I admire his votes thus far and the two bills he has introduced. We must rember that the 3rd CD is not a safe seat in 2020 and we must fifgt as a unified group to reelect Andy Kim and at the same time dump trump in 2020.

  3. Lisa Pierce

    Canvassing for Andy Kim for Congress has paid off. Excited to see what he’ll do with the investigations pending on the White House administration.


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