CD4: Rep. Chris Smith don’t truck with no homo-sex-uals

Gah. Most of New Jersey’s made the leap to being repped in the House – in varying degrees of progressivism – by Dems. We’re a 11-1 state now. But for the denizens of CD4, it’s all Republican all the time – because Rep. Chris Smith has been their congressman for a whopping 38 years. And the guy really is in many ways a throwback to a Republican Party that doesn’t even exist anymore. Some Rs can grasp the simple justice of a woman’s right to control her own reproductive future. Not Smith. Most Rs have figured out they actually know a gay person and those insulting preconceptions of same-sex relationships are long since packed away. Not Smith.

Here’s a very brief clip posted by a House Dem, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), who is openly gay. If you can’t watch, I’ll save you the suspense. It’s a 19-sec clip of Smith from 2015 saying he does not construe homosexual rights as human rights.

Aaaaaaand when he said it, he was chairing the House subcommittee that oversees human rights initiatives – during a House Foreign Affairs Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights & International Organizations Subcommittee hearing, says Cicilline.

The clip comes to us from District 4 Coalition for Change. And lordy, we really need to get their back in 2020.

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