Women in White & Visitors to the House

Last night Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman texted me (slight edits for quick typos):

‘Rosi, this State of the Union is Most boring, weakest snd poorly read ever. There were platitudes but no policy. He offered no plan, whether on reducing prescription cost or building infrastructure. His remarks on health care and protecting preexisting conditions were contrary to what his administration is actually doing. He spoke to regulatory reform, but for him, it means weakening environmental protections. He left out so many issues. This speech was long and boring. Ugh He’s a feelingless fraud.’

Like her fellow NJ colleague Mikie Sherrill, BWC was clad in suffragette white, and Donald Trump looked out on a sea of Democratic women in white, a rebuke, and evidence the balance has shifted. Some of my favorite photos from last night, including our women in white Mikie Sherrill and BWC and Nancy Pelosi’s guest, Loretta Weinberg.

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  1. anonymous

    I’m sorry, but if that is what you took from the speech, you aren’t hearing how moderate independents may hear it. Those I know thought it was a very strong speech. If he keeps that up, we’ll have a very hard time in 2020.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      I know moderate independents; I’m related to some, I have more as neighbors. They don’t see Trump as you say you do. Further, this reads like concern trolling, including the “ny taxpayer” email address.

  2. anonymous

    So let me get this straight. You’re going to judge my comments based on what you think my email address means? And here I thought we were supposed to be an open, accepting group that didn’t have pre-made judgments about people.

    We can disagree about which of our moderate independent friends will be correct. However, my cohort told me that Hillary was going to lose PA back when that was a very minority opinion. I don’t want Trump to win, but not recognizing that his speech was strong on a number of themes that can resonant with centrist voters is misguided.

    1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      You really didn’t need to be an ‘independent moderate’ to see how Hillary Clinton was going to lose Pennsylvania.


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