Where’s the 2020 Democratic National Convention? Houston?Miami? Milwaukee?

Tick-tock! This week, DNC Chair Tom Perez is expected to announce the city which will host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. We already know the dates: July 13-16. Eight cities submitted proposals; Atlanta, Denver, NYC, SanFrancisco, Birmingham, Houston, Miami, & Milwaukee. Those last 3 are the finalists.

Big bucks, like Philly. A national party convention is a massive economic boon for the host city, worth about $200-300 million bucks. The 2016 Dem convention, in our backyard of Philly, generated $231M, far short of the $350M first promised by convention CEO Leah Daughtry. Still, that’s a chuck ‘o change.

Swing-states. Parties often choose host cities in swing states or for symbolic significance. Philly is the left-leaning biggest city in swing-state Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton, who won ** the 2016 primary, badly needed PA to win the general, as well as swing-states Michigan and Wisconsin. She lost all three.

Milwaukee’s case. Could Wisconsin figure into the Dems’ 2020 plans? Milwaukee has never hosted any convention this size – but Wisconsin finally dumped union-busting GOP Gov. Scott Walker in 2018 (not before he did massive damage) and state party chair Martha Laning wants to show Dems’ determination to reclaim the working class across the old industrial upper Midwest.

Think it’s an easy choice? Perez, who completed a final ‘tour’ of all 3 cities more than two months ago has logistical considerations to weigh too. And this may be a problem for Milwaukee. The city only has 18,000 hotel rooms, compared to Houston’s 91,000 and Miami is 51,000. With each delegation housing together in the same hotel, plus back up hotels, plus accommodations for staff, and press, that could make Milwaukee a logistical nightmare. But that’s not the only consideration Perez has to deal with. There’s also hurricane season (Miami), looming labor actions (Houston) and transportation problems (Miami).

Shit-show 2020. Republicans chose their convention city a full 7 months ago. They’re going to Charlotte, where the Dems renominated Barack Obama in 2012. By tradition, the party holding the White House goes second. The RNC will be August 24-27. Shit-show to come, I’m sure.

LOCK WHO UP? Their 2016 confab was in Cleveland. Very few New Jersey electeds bothered to attend. Chris Christie, by then a bombed-out candidate sucking up hard to Trump, led chants of LOCK HER UP, meaning Secretary Clinton. Christie’s big spotlight moment dripped with irony, coming just months after the (unnamed, very likely) uninducted co-conspirator himself escaped any punishment for his (alleged, very likely) Beidgegate crimes by throwing associates Bridget Kelly & Bill Baroni under the bus (as it were).

Cult. I got sucked into Christie’s cult, a tearful Baroni said as he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for Bridgegate yesterday.

Lock who up? And so it goes.

** There will always be an asterisk.

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