Weekend News Roundup for Feb. 2-3, 2019

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, predicts early spring. Maybe don’t get too excited about that.

New Jersey

Phil Murphy says Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam must resign, that racist photos of him from his med school yearbook are ‘disqualifying.’ Murphy is the incoming chair of the Democratic Governors Assn.

Chris Christie left some stuff out of his book. Charlie Stile is here to fill you in.

Maybe Mendham, Christie’s hometown, is the only place in New Jersey where 400 people would actually come out get a signed copy of his book. He was asked how he can still like Donald Trump after Trump dumped him as transition chief.


Thanks to Babs. The ‘Babs Siperstein Law’ goes into effect. Now it’s going to be much easier for transgender New Jerseyans to change the gender designation on their NJ birth certificates.

RIP Jameek Lowery, let there be justice in your name. New law moves investigations of police-involved deaths to AG’s office.

A bill to beef up paid family leave is on Phil Murphy’s desk.


If Dems are looking for a firebrand, is that what Cory is? Cory Booker thinks his message of love can win back the White House. Will angry Dems listen?

Class of 1987

We knew Cory Booker before he was running for president. Here’s what his hometown has to say.

Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Cherokee Nation for that DNA test

Here’s where it gets complicated for Cory. The presidential candidate said over the weekend there should be fewer corporate tax breaks and more investment in infrastructure to address elevated lead levels in Newark and around the county. He’s right of course. But in NJ, a chief beneficiary of those tax breaks has been his own ally George Norcross.

I think The Onion had this ready: Cory Booker Apologizes to Wall Street Bankers for the Mean Things He’s Going To Have To Say About Them

Is Cory running simultaneously for president and for re-election to his Senate seat? He’s not saying.

I got a Ph.D ‘from the streets,’ said Sen. Booker in his driveway not long after his announcement went public. Booker grew up in suburban Bergen County, but was involved with Newark by his last year in law school at Yale.

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