We have a sister in the Bernie Sanders campaign. Analilia Mejia is Bernie’s National Political Director

Few things have brought me more joy than learning that Analilia Mejia – fellow New Jersey Bernie 2016 delegate, sister, friend & ally – will be Bernie Sanders national Political Director. She joins a team that includes Faiz Shakir, the first Muslim-American ever to lead a major presidential campaign. Shakir comes to the campaign from the national ACLU, where he has been political director, and earlier aide to Harry Reid. Sarah Badawi will be Deputy Political Director. She comes to Bernie’s campaign from PCCC – Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), founded by former New Jersey Democratic Party (NJDSC) communications director Adam Green.

The Atlantic broke the story this afternoon, in a piece called Bernie Sanders Is the Democratic Front-Runner for President.

This day has been frustrating for me, watching what could be a discussion of issues and who best represents bedrock values become a bitch session about personalities, reductive rhetoric about old people, and discussions of the Democratic Party like it’s a cult you have to show loyalty to with a blood oath – as if 28 years of caucusing with the Dems, being the Senate Outreach Chair for the Dems, chairing subcommittees for them, founding the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and voting with Dems more consistently with the Democrats than somebody like Josh Gottheimer or Jeff Van Drew likely will, count for nothing. We don’t have time for this.

Bernie Sanders charged out of the gate today talking substance. He has a vision for a more just America that deserves to be heard. And let any candidate do their best to match it, or exceed it. Meanwhile, this – and by the way, that figure blew through $4 million hours ago.

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