“Perfect is the Enemy of Good” – Voltaire

While I’m disappointed that my new congressman, Andy Kim, has not yet signed on to the Medicare for All or Single Payer bandwagon, I’m a realist. And so is he. Until we have a Democratic president, the dream of single payer is just a dream.

Our district is one of the most diverse politically. Kim won the election by less than 4000 votes, carrying Burlington County handily and keeping his loss in heavily red Ocean County to a manageable level

Today was the first opportunity he had to speak on the House Floor. In a move to improve our health care system, Kim joined with Republican Brian Fitzpatrick from our adjacent district across the Delaware River to introduce the SAFE Act. This Act would form state-based exchanges as an alternative source for medical coverage, resulting in lower costs and local control. It’s not the perfect system, but incremental improvement is better than none.

Please excuse the audio and video glitches in his floor remarks – that’s the way C-SPAN is serving the file.

Here’s a Fact Sheet about the bill.

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  1. Fred N.

    We have to get these people on board NOW so that when we take back the government we can pass these bills in the first 100 days or we’ll lose the opportunity. The Democrats who won’t sign on to these bills NOW are going to be the Joe Liebermans who block the bills once we take back the government. Saying that the bills can’t pass now is no excuse.

    Also, Medicare For All is popular even among Republicans, so saying that Kim only narrowly won his election is no excuse.


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