NJ Democrats: What a $15 Minimum Wage means (Video)

When a movement born in ordinary people’s homes, out of need, and fueled by extraordinary organizers giving voice to that need, sees victory in the Legislature, and is owned by the Democratic Party. Fine with me if the Democrats own this; it’s a signal they’re prioritizing some right things. But today I’m blowing kisses to Analilia Mejia of Working Families, to the agricultural workers who had the bravery to speak publicly, to teen workers standing up in front of a crowd for the first time in their lives, to tipped workers, so often left behind, who told New Jerseyans what their work lives are like. This is the video the NJDSC made today. (just over 1 min).
It’s called: What a $15 Minimum Wage means

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  1. Stephen Hanft

    The consequences of raising the minimum wage to $15:

    1. Stephen Hanft

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