News Roundup – Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Featured image: Supermoon. If you missed it last night, you can see it tonight.

Paid Family Leave. Governor Murphy will sign a law today that allows workers additional time off after childbirth or a family illness.

Pol Pot was the leader of Cambodia. Pot Poll shows that a majority of New Jerseyans want recreational use of marijuana legalized.

Good Cop. Voorhees police officer leaves $100 tip to help out a pregnant waitress.

Current and Future Leaders. Two twenty-year-olds serve as school board presidents.

Shadow Governor Sweeney takes to the road to pitch his anti-public union “solutions.”

Something fishy is happening off the New Jersey coast.

Venn Diagram of the Day:

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  1. NJBlech

    Too bad this website chose to ignore the articles in Politico and last Friday and over the weekend that focused on the registration of an anonymous “” website by anti-Murphy Democrats (and I am not a Murphy booster), as well as the annual Super Bowl retreat in Puerto Rico by sponsored by the South Jersey and Essex Co. Democratic political machines. I can’t think of anything as unprogressive as dozens and dozens of men (and only men) from NJ in positions of power meeting annually to set policy in a bunch of off the record meetings. But based on the crickets here, I guess I am wrong.


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