News Roundup for Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019

Gov. Phil Murphy has ordered all state flags fly at half-mast today honoring the late transgender rights hero Babs Siperstein.

Trump 2019 State of the Union

Trump used the SOTU to solicit funds. For Puerto Rico? Kids with cancer? Economically struggling families? Nope, for himself. Send $1 and he scrolled your name on the SOTU live feed.

Well, this is certainly SOTU-related: ‘I trusted you!’ Trump voters seethe after realizing they’re getting screwed by the GOP’s tax plan.


Who’s got a few bucks to save New Jersey’s fossil population of mastodons?

Bride of the Thing That Wouldn’t Leave: Chris Christie touts Mary Pat as possible challenger for Mikie Sherrill’s House seat. Wildstein reminds us of the last NJ First Lady to run for Congress.

Teen Vogue (which is awesome btw, and not what you expect) covers the youth-led campaign to make sure teen workers were’n’t left behind in the #FightFor15

They were searched for guns after police responded to noise complaint. NJ top court says that was illegal.

Teen sex tape lands Eatontown sheriff’s officer in jail: Prosecutor



Bachelors hardly ever win the top job at the White House. Cory Booker says he’s got a girlfriend.

Oh now Trump’s wall makes perfect sense. Purge of undocumented workers by president’s company spreads to at least 5 Trump golf courses.

Even Trump’s inauguration committee is dirty: Confidential memo obtained by WNYC & ProPublica shows the chair of Trumps inaugural committee had a plan to profit off its connections to the administration and foreign dignitaries.

Ethics case against Menendez now closed by Senate panel.

The National Butterfly Center braces for Trump’s wall to ruin everything.

CARTOON CREDIT: Signe Wilkinson

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