News Roundup for Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019

That’s Bridget Kelly, Bridgegate defendant left over from the Christie years. She hopes the United States Supreme Court will save her from prison.

Officially in the race now, Cory Booker heads to New Hampshire for 6 events.

The ‘Big Pharma’ candidate? Cory Booker looks to shake his reputation for drug industry coziness.

Menendez rallied with Parkland shooting victims last year. Now, he’s pushing to ban gun magazines used in massacres.

Nearly 15,000 shows up to protest Trump in El Paso, so Trump had to lie about it.

Monmouth Poll shows a public split on Murphy’s first year: Approval rating at 43% (similar to his 44% in April 2018), but disapproval is up, 40% where it was 28% last year. At this point in his term, Murphy’s not doing as well as either of the two governors who came before him, Christie or Corzine. Dems like him, but independents are pulling away, and Republicans going deeper into dislike. Minimum wage hike gets widespread approval. Read the poll.

Star-Ledger editorial: Curiously missing from tax incentives probe: The people who screwed up. Maybe it’s because the EDA had no intention of requiring the offending companies to deliver on any promises.

New Jersey Globe talked to Ben Dworkin and Micah Rasmussen about where Murphy stands and what he should do.

Murphy disapprovals a sign of volatile times, says Jim Florio.

Jon Corzine has advice for Murphy too: Don’t worry about the Monmouth poll.

Fewer NJ kids eating breakfast at school means more hungry children. New report finds NJ dead last in percentage of schools eligible for federal nutrition funds that actually participate in the program.

How are districts using state pre-school funds? A look at Berkeley Twp, and Absecon.

Murphy top staffer ripped in scathing letter accusing the administration of a power grab at Port Authority. The accusations come from Christie appointee Kevin O’Toole, chair of the agency’s board of commissioners and former GOP NJ state senator.

Report: More job losses last year for NJ’s solar sector. Second year of decline in a sector key to NJ’s renewable energy future.

State to launch local needle exchanges, enhance services at the 7 existing sites, part of the effort to address opioid addiction.

Jersey Boy, astronaut Mark Kelly jumps in AZ race for John McCain’s seat

Lawmakers probe state comptroller’s audit of EDA tax breaks. But some of the people making the most sense were outside the room.

I’m not particularly an RFK fan, but I do cheer how a former Kennedy campaign worker bonded with 17-year-old Zak Doughherty over Kennedy lore and collectibles.

Bridgegate defendant Bridget Kelly in last-ditch efforts to stay out of prison. Denied a re-hearing in appeals court, she plans to take her case to the U.S. Supreme Court

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