News Roundup for Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019

Did you notice that giant gold pin on Nancy Pelosi’s lapel at the SOTU? That was a signal to the President standing in front of her that he does not own that room. Good for her.

Unauthorized immigrants – so terrifying we have to spend billions on a wall, except for the ones Trump hires to clean his weekend toilet. Menendez seeks FBI probe of unauthorized immigrants working for Trump at his Bedminster golf course where he often spends long weekends.

Old friend David Wildstein helps Chris Christie float the idea of Mary Pat Christie as challenger for Mikie Sherrill’s seat by talking up her qualifications.

Katie Brennan responds to the findings of Peter Verniero’s inquiry into the vetting & hiring practices of the Murphy administration’s transition office. Sen. Loretta Weinberg slams the report, Murphy ordered and taxpayer-funded, as a ‘whitewash’. Sen. Kristen Corrado (R-40) continued to criticize Murphy. BTW, Corrado wants Murphy to testify. Eliana Pintor Marin, co-chair of the Select Oversight Committee, expressed frustration that the Verniero report still doesn’t identify who hired Al Alvarez. Gov. Murphy got a question about the Brennan situation in last night’s telephone town hall.
 about [Read the Verniero Report here]

Tom Moran: Verniero sees mistakes in Brennan rape case. Murphy ignores them.

‘All the Indian people’ in town cost me re-election, George Washington impersonator says.

Too many NJ teens leave foster care homeless and unemployed.

Tired of robocalls? Yeah, me too. And so is Rep. Frank Pallone.

In the complicated, exceptionally important, and emotionally fraught issue of right to diethe leader of a Morristown-based organization that deals with people with disabilities does not want a law that allows people to kill themselves.

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