News Roundup for Monday, Feb. 4, 2019

New Jersey


R I P Babs Casbar SipersteinNew Jersey’s trailblazer for the rights of trans people, and the DNC’s onetime highest-ranking out transgender person in history, has died.

Senator Cory Bookerpart preacher, rock star, scholar, aphorist, attention-seeker, often progressive, friend of corporations, awesome fund-raiser, media star, orator, and optimist. Here is Part 1 of Bill Orr’s look at NJ’s White House hopeful.

New Jersey is joining another multi-state litigationchallenging the federal government’s failure to clamp down on pollution from coal-burning power plants that contribute to unhealthy air in the Northeast.

If Trump has another hissy-fitNew Jersey lawmakers have fast-tracked a measure to waive property-tax penalties for federal workers if there’s a new Trump shutdown.

In the fallout of a State Police drug lab scandal, NJ authorities overhauled how they test marijuana evidence, moving to dismiss more than 1,700 drug cases.


In the Room Where It Happens

Sen. Loretta Weinberg will be Nancy Pelosi’s guest at the State of the Union Tuesday. Maybe the House Speaker can pick up a few tips on how to dealwith a Republican jackass in the exec seat. Also at the SOTU – Another immigrant who worked for Trump at his Bedminster club – Sandra Diaz of Bound Brook – will also be attending the SOTU.

Cory Booker Day 1: Booker takes different tack from NJ predecessors in his run for president: Booker, the 4th New Jerseyan to run in recent years, kicked off with a tweet. It won’t be the only thing that’s different about Cory B.

Is the lemon hair also genetic?Donald Trump’s Cheetos-colored skin is the result of “good genes,” a White House official told The New York Times, which is looking at how Trump maintains his carrot complexion in the middle of winter.

Nap time, tweet time, then cartoons? Axios just published Trump’s private schedule for almost every working day of the last 3 months, obtaining them from an unnamed White House source. The documents reveal that the president spent 300 hours in “executive time” – an unstructured period Axios said was a catch-all time for watching television, making phone calls to advisers and friends and reading the news. Read Trump’s schedule.

What Trump could be hiding in those withheld tax returns Rep. Bill Pascrell has been trying to get made public.

Ralph Northam hanging on. The VA Gov admitted that was him in the blackface yearbook photo, then snatched it back, is ignoring calls to step down. Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Rep. Karen Bass was on Meet the Press yesterday.

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