News Roundup for Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

New Jersey

What happens when the muckety-mucks only talk to each other: Inside, talk of Camden rising; outside talk that tide isn’t lifting everyone.

Senator Bucco diagnosedwith treatable throat cancer: We like our political adversaries to be healthy & at their best fighting weight. More than that, we wish our neighbors long life. Be well, Senator.

Lawmakers move to improve paid family leave in NJ.

Right, because it’s bullshit. Another expert casts doubt on need for NJ to subsidize nuclear plants.

New Jersey activists join national launch toward ‘Medicare for All’

Where’s your Governor? 11am making workforce development announcement at Sansone Auto Mall in Avenel.

Herd immunity, people. Herd immunity. To parents who fear Xbox more than they do measles: Smarten up. (Star-Ledger editorial)

The new Office of Medicaid Innovation: Big push to make Medicaid in NJ more effective, efficient.

Mike Kelly: Chris Christie’s new book: He loves to kick people when they’re down.

Atlantic City Press finds some good things to like in the state takeover.

Preventing the next Toys ‘R’ Us where workers were left with little or no severance: NJ’s laid-off workers to get toughest protections in US?


Josh Gottheimer slams Ilhan Omar on Israel. Minnesota freshman Rep. Omar said that GOP support for Israel is motivated by campaign contribs from pro-Israel orgs like AIPAC. Gottheimer, apparently defending Republicans while he defends Israel, calls that an ‘anti-Semitic trope’. Note to David Wildstein: It’s ‘IlHAN’ not ‘IlHAM’

From Open Secrets: Where Cory Booker gets his money.

Cory Booker cartoon above is from Drew Sheneman. In his commentary, he notes 2020 candidates are now being vetted on a scale of progressiveness, and Cory will have to answer for his cozy relationship with Wall Street. Read Drew here.

Brigid Callahan Harrison has opinions: Booker appeals to blacks, women and millennials better than anyone else, says she.

Trump’s wall:National Butterfly Center to file restraining order on border wall.

The immigration dilemma Trump won’t talk abouthis own.

Booker is a co-sponsor: AOC’s Green New Deal has the backing of every major 2020 candidate.

Cory Booker tests his ‘lead with love’ theme in Iowa 2020 stop.

Texas councilman calls AOC a bimbo, before apologizing & deleting his account.

headdesk: Trump says one of America’s greatest accomplishments is the ‘abolition of civil rights’

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