News Roundup for Friday, Feb. 15, 2019


A big, red, $7 Billion heart. Newark literally sent a giant Valentine’s Day heart to Amazon to get its attention.

Current legislative probe of how the EDA blew through millions in corporate welfare without checking whether we got the jobs promised should convince everybody New Jersey is BAD AT THIS. Nevertheless, Newark wants back in, now that Amazon HQ2 pulled out of NYC. And we’d only have to fork over $7 Billion to the richest company in the world.


I feel his pain. But I also don’t lie to the nation. White House tries to hide official news that Trump is obese.

(Quoting my friend Ron Rice): “But those Mexicans, tho’. But the people in Black Lives matter tho’. But Antifa tho’.” ADL Report: Right-Wingers Committed Every 2018 Extremist Murder in the U.S. (TPM)

Curiously absent during Chris Christie’s pointless presidential run. Uninvented for Donald Trump’s vacation ‘executive time’: NJGOP launches tool to help NJ voters track Booker out of state travel. Good lord, I’m embarrassed for them, they need new leadership.

The photo attached to this story gives me all kinds of feelings, and some of them are not good. Running for president really can be a full-time job. (Snowflack) Booker, Christie. Booker and Christie.

Who paid for Trump to upgrade the golf facilities at the White House?

Gateway Tunnel gets new support in federal spending bill.

Wildstein speculates what might happen if Cory Booker drops Senate re-election bid. In Option #4, the answer is Bonnie Watson Coleman. Safe seat, splendid leader with the best vision for the country, and history made. Done, done, done.

Vote was unanimous. Booker’s push to make lynching a federal crime passes Senate.

Sherrill bill aims to curb irresponsible Cabinet-level decorating. Like U.S. HUD’s Ben Carson’s $31,000 dining room table, former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s $43,000 soundproof phone booth (his Cone of Silence), and ex-Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s $139,000 door. Yup, do it.

Donald “State of Emergency” Trump:USA Today says – National emergencies are common, deciding one for a border wall is not. Read up on when we’ve used them in history and for what.


I’ll take Things That Are Technically True for $200 please, Alex.Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore, on the hot seat for federal tax evasion charges, is ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ says Ocean County GOP Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, and shouldn’t step down from his party leadership, says he.

Charles Stile: Is Phil Murphy another governor eager for an early exit from NJ? New Jerseyans think Murphy’s focus is on his own political future, less governing New Jersey.

Deal, NJ, is seriously full of itself. Wealthy Jersey Shore town is trying to keep people off its beach, lawsuit says.

Op-Ed from Staci Berger: Elected officials are debating the future of NJ tax credits. They should look at the modest, but high-achieving, Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program — and consider expanding it

Soak the Rich. Think of the problems this could solve.

Do you live, or park for work, in one? Motorists could face new tax on parking in 6 NJ cities.

Rotten the last decade, rotten this decade. Ocean County freeholder Jack Kelly’s (latest) scandal (Lassiter)

State senator Kip Bateman won’t rule out a fun for Gov.

Do you know what you’re drinking? Lawmakers want inventory of lead service lines in public water systems.

Power company that refuses to show why it needs the taxpayers to subsidize it huffs and puffs. PSEG: We’re not bluffing about shutting down nuke plants.

Rutgers agreed to issue Al Alvarez for a job after call from Gov’s office. They weren’t told about the rape allegation.

Interactive map – Check your town: Stats show lack of diversity in front of NJ classrooms.

1,200 kids have been shot & killed since Parkland, 13 from New Jersey. These are the children we lost.

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