News Roundup for Friday, Feb. 1, 2019

Above, the vote board on the $15 an hour New Jersey minimum wage. Photo: Anne Demigillo Songcayauon.

Cory Booker Makes It Official

Announces with a Cory-style 2-minute video, called Rise. We have the video in the post just below this one. Flip to Cory’s announcement.

New Jersey

A highly questionable thing, especially for a governor so wealthy to do. Surprise and anger over Gov. Murphys veto on emergency aid for some public-assistance recipients in danger of becoming homeless.

Billions to rich companies (that hate us!) – Jay Lassiter gets into it with a Camden County Democratic machine loyalist over NJ’s massive corporate welfare that screws the regular people of Camden the worst.

Op-ed by Brandon Castro of New Jersey Work Environment Council: Invest in Environment and Infrastructure, Not Corporate Welfare

Bergen County Exec Jim Tedesco, a volunteer firefighter for 40 years and former Paramus Fire Chief posted this photo of the iconic Marcal Paper plant ablaze on the Passaic River in Elmwood Park. Wind chills below zero and high winds contributed to a massive 10-alarm fire. The red Marcal sign, known to Route 80 to commuters for decades collapsed. Homes were evacuated, schools closed yesterday, and at the height of the fire, a motorist reported the temperature gauge in his car spiked 50 degrees as traffic on 80 slowed to a crawl. More on the fire.

New Jersey should deny $300 million in ratepayer subsidies to PSEG Nuclear and Exelon Generation as the two companies failed to prove their three nuclear power plants in South Jersey will close without the incentives, according to a filing by the New Jersey Rate Counsel.

Jersey City school board voted to relieve their schools Superintendent of her duties last night, a day after she filed a federal lawsuit accusing the board and local teachers union of harassing and defaming her.


New Jersey Democrats threaten to toss Trump from the 2020 ballot if he doesn’t release his tax returns.

Kamala Harris & Cory Booker jostle for backing of black lawmakers.

The Hill: Cory Booker is telling congressional colleagues he’s running, and announcing during Black History Month. Updated: Did that this morning.

Oh hi, Mr. President. Donald Trump held up the federal government for a record 35-day shutdown because he couldn’t get funding for a border wall to keep undocumented immigrants out, even as he had an undocumented person making his bed and cleaning his toilet at his fancypants Bedminster golf course. He fired her after she disclosed her status to the New York Times. But she’ll get her chance to see her old boss again next Tuesday. She’s Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman’s guest at his State of the Union. BWC made national news on this; here she is with Chris Hayes on MSNBC last night. Watch.

Sarah Sanders is allowed to drive and everything. God ‘wanted Donald Trump to become president’ says White House press secretary.

Notorious RBG? Mari Uyehara has a case to make that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is surfing a wave of adulation that obscures the work of more radical women of color. Ginsburg Uyehara says, is “is safe packaging for liberal causes” and her recent illness the cause of ‘liberal hyperventilating’ over her mortality. At The Nation

From The Christian Left:The Shiny Red Button (How Republicans Use Abortion to Manipulate Christians)

Christine Blasey Ford is nominated for a Profile in Courage award by Rep. Jackie Speier.


This reeks of attention-seeking and the likelihood of an inside job. Asm Jay Webber posts photos of what looks like quite a few campaign signs in his driveway torn into teensy-weency pieces. He says “leftist thugs” did it “under the cover of darkness”. LOL.

Gov. Phil Murphy signs LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum legislation2nd in the nation.

NJ lawmaker Michael Patrick Carroll, who said African-Americans should be thankful for slavery wants a new job – as Morris County Surrogate. Why should a person like this just be allowed to walk into that job. Maybe the Democrats have somebody better.

Now we need the Govs of NY, PA & DE to follow Phil Murphy’s lead. A huge environmental victory in the making – on fracking.

New twist in raging feud between top Dems: Murphy adviser may be banned from running group that promotes gov

Because you got all the way to Friday

Yikes.  “If you hear a mysterious boom outside it could be a “frost quake” which happen when water underground freezes and expands, causing soil and rock to crack. (Of course, be sure it is not something more serious.” – Morris Twp. Mayor Jeff Grayzel

This guy in Minnesota decorates his neighborhood with frozen pants.

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