Netroots Nation 2019 in Philadelphia: Submission Deadline Extended

In less than 5 months, much of the progressive home planet will be converging on nearby Philadelphia; that’s activists, labor organizers, political writers, LGBTQ leaders, and people running for office. Anc more. Presidential lead-up years usually draw about 3,000 people building skills, sharing info, confabbing in every hallway. And hanging out on orange-themed couches (it’s a thing). Including the presidential candidates, who want to reach the audience that can fuel a launch to the White House. Expect national coverage.

Most attendees don’t present panels or trainings. But if you have something you’re burning to share, all the info how is below. Deadline’s this week!

Netroots Nation 2019
When: July 11-13, 2019
Where: Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Info & Registration to attend
Website & Twitter

Most attendees do not present, but if you’d like to, here’s the info:
Guidelines & submit panels or training (Deadline extended Thurs, 2/28 11:59 pm PT)

Each year, we ask for your help in developing and organizing the sessions we host at Netroots Nation. Do you have an idea for a panel or training session you’d like to see on the agenda in Philadelphia? It’s time to submit your proposal. Click here for the guidelines and submission form. As always, our goal is to highlight the work being done by activists and organizations around the country, from national campaigns to local grassroots organizing, as well as to shine a light on what’s happening locally in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. You can submit on any topic, but here are a few of the areas we’re looking to emphasize this year: Conversations about how we define and popularize an inclusive, progressive 2020 platform centered on equality, sustainability, prosperity and justice. Case studies showcasing lessons learned from the 2018 primaries. Sessions highlighting efforts to strengthen our democracy, from expanding voting rights to ensuring that our elected leadership is responsive to their constituents and communities.  Trainings that help newer activists grow into successful organizers and candidates. Advanced trainings that focus on cutting-edge tools and techniques. As always, we ask you to consider inclusivity as well as how your panel will empower others to take what they’ve heard and use it in their own work. Intersectionality is key. By submitting a proposal, you’re taking responsibility as the organizer of the session. We’ll help you along the way, but ultimately it’ll be your baby.

Click here to read the full list of guidelines and key dates and then submit your panel or training proposal.
See you in Philly!Mary Rickles
Netroots NationPS: Ever wonder how panels are selected? Submissions are reviewed by topic-based panel selection committees, which include peers from around the movement. Plus, the public will have a chance to vote on the sessions they like best once the submission period has closes.

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  1. Paula Povilaitis

    Excited to attend this year. Lots to learn.


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