Lemon-lime New Jersey: Trump’s low approval rating

Here it is, this is what your country looks like. Or did last year. Gallup released this map this weekend, covering 2018 state-by-state. This is roughly the map we have to start with as we launch our 2020 hopefuls, and quietly do the math in our heads, ciphering how the hell we get our chosen candidate through another high-stakes primary (goddess willing, clean this time) then through 270 Electoral College ** votes to take back the White House.

NJ is discerning. 35%

Joisey: New Jersey’s lemon-lime shade (or Lemon Lyman, for those in need of a flashback) places us among states who like Trump least. Shouldn’t surprise anyone. I mean, we have our reasons. Not only is New Jersey a well-educated state, but a lot of us know people who President Trump stiffed back when he was building his tacky casinos in Atlantic City, when his failure to pay his bills bankrupted some good local businesses who delivered their end of the contract.

Good company: We’re in the chunk of the states with lowest Trump job approval. We’re at 35%, but not the lowest. That’s Hawaii (26%), and Vermont (28%) with Cali and Maryland not far behind. It will not surprise you that the states with highest Trump approval are also mostly the taker states, supported by high-tax states like New Jersey, filthy tax-n-spend libruls that we are, we’re actually spending on them. But I digress. West Virginia gives Trump his highest job approval (a stunning 62%), Wyoming (61%), both Dakotas (58% twinsies), Alaska (56%), then the deep South, all hovering between 53-56%. Seventeen states rate Trump over 50%, 16 rate him below 40%.

World disapproval: Gallup also tracks world leaders’ opinion of U.S. leadership, which you can read as de facto judgement on the POTUS. I only have figures for 2018. But in one year under Trump, approval of us dropped 40 points in Canada, which makes sense as their PM Justin Trudeau is groovy – boxes, taught snowboarding, issued formal apologies for past Canadian discrimination of both indigenous people and LGBTQ folk – and our president is a giant, meat-sucking Cheeto. 

Back in time: Morning Consult notes that 38 states gave Trump a net positive rating at the start of his term. In the 2 years since, he’s only above water in 17 states, below in 33, even in one. Their polling site is fun; use the slider to go back in time and track America’s love-hate thing with Trump.

Go back for fun. But, you know, forward is the thang. And so it goes.

** Yeah, we’re watching Colorado & New Mexico’s early efforts to smash the Electoral College, but I’d be stunned if it takes hold this cycle.

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