Good/Useful/Fun/Maddening State of the Union Stuff

Personally, I’ll probably pay only passing attention to what Donald Trump has to say tonight, because what’s the point? What interests me most about tonight is the response in the Democratic House chamber, when the president that held the nation – and 800,000 federal workers – hostage during his shutdown toddler tantrum, and caused a delay to this annual coming together of all 3 branches of government. I’m also interested in what Stacey Abrams, delivering the Democrats’ official response, and Bernie Sanders & Kamala Harris have to say. They’re both live-streaming tonight; Kamala before Trump, and Bernie after Abrams.


  • Trump is using the State of the Union to solicit donations. For Puerto Rico? For medical research? For economically struggling Americans? Nope, for himself. Send him money and he’ll run your name in the scroll in his #SOTU live-stream. Seriously.
  • Trump’s own guest at #SOTU? A Delaware 11-year-old who gets bullied because his name is Joshua Trump. In all of America, this is the minority he chooses to spotlight tonight. Be best.

Politicians That Aren’t Trump

Kamala Harris (spoke 7:45pm): Catch up here.
Stacey Abrams: Delivering Dems Official Response. All news channels.
Bernie Sanders: Speaking on his Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, after Abrams.
BONUS: Please enjoy the fact that Fox News is rattled a f by Stacey.

State of the Union Alternatives – If You Just Cannot Watch This Fool

  • Sunrise Movement is live-streaming a Green New Deal webinar with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Sen. Ed Market. 8pm Watch here.
  • Mashable has political stuff to watch. Here. [Kitchen tile rec is good]
  • Quartzy has alternatives too, including on free TV. Here.

If You’re Watching Trump’s SOTU

All Day Long, the Outrage Machine Targeted Bernie Sanders

For daring to deliver a message on his own social media following Stacey Abrams official Democratic Response, Sanders is described as racist, sexist and disrespectful. Most or all these folks didn’t know Kamala Harris was also doing so, on her social media till a couple hours ago. But it continues to be an outrage to these folks, but only focusing rage on Sanders. Mashable suggests that like Harris & Sanders more politicians should stream their own response, that it’s the future, and the criticism is ‘ludicrous’. Personally, I am less interested in the personalities, not at all in the outrage, and really interested to hear what all of them, and especially Abrams who makes history tonight as the first Black woman to deliver this Rebuttal, have to say.


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