Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew Grabs Donald Trump’s Sleeve at State of the Union (Video)

UPDATED: Van Drew also rushed over when Trump was leaving and shook his hand and said “Great speech”. I thought I’d seen that – the double suck-up – but reader Kellie Davidson confirms it. Thanks, Kellie!

Good lord, Jeff Van Drew is embarrassing. Can you picture Tanzie Youngblood sucking up after Donald Trump?

Here’s what other Democrats did for, and at, Trump’s State of the Union:

* The women of the House of Representatives wore suffragette white; a show of solidarity & unity against President Trump’s open sexism, misogyny and policies that disrespect women’s lives.
* Stacey Abrams made history, first Black woman in history to deliver the Democratic Response to the SOTU. She killed it.
* Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stood firm firm denying Trump the House Chamber for his original SOTU date because he had the federal government in shutdown. And convened a Women’s Working Group to detail an agenda to advance women.
* Democratic members of Congress filled gallery seats and their own offices with Americans whose lives & troubles make bold statements about Trump’s policy sloppiness, hypocrisy and meanness.

So … what did freshman ‘Democrat’ Jeff Van Drew do to make clear his dissatisfaction with Trump hobbling the government, terrorizing immigrant children, running a chaotic White House, or installing a rapey creep on the Supreme Court? He reached across the seats and grabbed Trump’s sleeve to get the Republican president’s attention and a handshake.

Hat-tip to Laurie Cecala-Read for grabbing the vid!

Cheers to Insider NJ, they got a great photo. Van Drew also tried to get Trump’s attention on his way out of the House chamber, too.

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  1. Kellie Davidson

    He also rushed over when Trump was leaving and shook his hand and said “great speech”

  2. Tim

    At least he had some sense to recognize the message, good for him

  3. Janet

    I witnessed it on Trump’s way in. Red-handed shameless betrayal of his (?) party and district. He showed his true color…red. This is the candidate who the DCCC decided should win in our district. They should stay out of primaries.

  4. marshwren

    That’s my congress-critter {sigh} There’s a reason Rob Andrews got tagged as “Rose Garden Rob”. How soon before we can start calling Van Drew “Mar-a-Lego Jeff”?


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