2019 State of the Union – Video & Transcript

ICYMI, here is what passes for a president these days, saying stuff. Frankly, I hardly paid attention, to the degree I had to go back, read the transcripts and read the takeaways by people with greater intestinal fortitude for his bullshit, or just workaday journalistic responsibility. Having read through the speech, I can make do on the takeaways, for example these from NPR: (1) He didn’t acknowledge D.C.’s new political reality (2) it was chaotic (3) announcement of upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un, but also Trump’s bizarre claim that without him we’d be at war now with North Korea (4) still obsessed with his wall (5) 2020 messaging for his re-elect (6) Dem women owned the room (7) Stacey Abrams Boom.

Video below. Rush Transcript below that.

Should you have the stomach for it, knock yourself out: Rush Transcript SOTU

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