Weekend News Roundup for Jan. 26-27, 2019

This was the week the FAA ordered a full ground stop for LaGuardia because so many air traffic sick calls caused massive delays, at Newark Airport too. Within hours, Donald Trump’s hasty Rose Garden speech announcing a 3-week stop of the government shutdown; still lying about immigrant crime, still trying to make a case for his wall, but looking like a guy who’d lost all his best friends. The tiny crowd assembled in the Garden clapped like they were supposed to, but let’s face it – Trump was having a bad day. His oldest advisor Roger Stone had just been arrested by the FBI at his Florida home in the pre-dawn hours. As Aaron Rupar at Vox said, ‘Hard to believe the guy with a Nixon tattoo on his back turned out to be a crook.’ And so it goes. 


Quartet of progressive flame-throwers get on House Oversight Committee, three of them freshmen. Committee will be conducting wide-ranging investigations of Trump & his administration.

By José Analco, and Giovana Castañeda. We’re Jersey Dreamers. Don’t forget Trump’s shutdown was motivated by racism, xenophobia.

American history I never learned in school – and good Sunday Reading via Fannie Lou Hamer’s America: The tragic yet resilient story of Igbo slaves who committed mass suicide off the U.S. coast in 1803.

We’re 19 months from the Republican National Convention. Republicans, not Trump, need a “fixer” in 2020. (Robert Turkavage)

Tail between his legs, and still spitting threats, Donald Trump skunks into the Rose Garden.

NJ’s only Republican in Congress sided with Democrats (and against Trump) until the government reopened.


Here it is, summed up perfectly by Lou Di Paolo, working off Matt Friedman’s reporting of the truth: Want to understand how New Jersey politics work? NJ’s massive tax subsidy programs: Were sponsored by Don Norcross, Were given to part boss George Norcross, Are the focus of Phil Norcross’ lawyer/lobbying practice.

Here are 12 big new laws for NJ that can affect your life in 2019.

Bergen Record editor asks readers to chip in. Dan Sforza is making an appeal to readers to buy a subscription to the paper’s digital edition. These are indeed “challenging times for journalism,” but nowhere in Sforza’s appeal did he mention that the Gannett CEO raked in $8.7 million in total compensation in 2017. Gannett, having gobbled the Record, is now the target of a $1.4B takeover bid by a hedge fund-backed newspaper chain, which has a history of laying off reporters even more than Gannett does. Readers of The Record have still not been told about the takeover bid.

Tom Moran: In Trenton, a bold move toward cleaner elections. Seriously.

Worth your listen this week: New Jersey Revolution Radio: George Norcross, A Love Story – with Melissa Tomlinson, Lael Bratton, and warrior for Camden public education Vida Neil.

Some districts just send white guys to Trenton. 6 districts have gone 25+ years without electing a woman. Two never have. (David Wildstein)

Should a Rutgers football booster get a powerful post at the university? The governor suggested it. The faculty says no.

Sweeney. Steamed Senate president challenges Gov. Murphy to a debate over how to fix NJ pension woes.

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